Angela Watters (Angie)

Counsellor : Individual Counselling , Anxiety / Depression /Trauma  , Grief, Loss & Bereavement , Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Location: UK & Online


Angie, originally from the UK and a native English speaker, offers a wealth of counselling expertise in many areas.

Angie has successfully worked with a diverse range of clients addressing issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss, and alcohol & substance abuse. Angie not only possesses many years of professional expertise but also shares her personal journey of addiction recovery, maintaining over 20 years of continuous sobriety.

Angie firmly believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship, emphasising communication as its cornerstone. Angie is committed to providing a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space that empowers individuals to uncover and pursue their own paths to healing.

Angie describes herself as an integrative therapist, Angie eschews the “one size fits all” approach. She adopts a more adaptable method, tailoring her therapy to best suit each individual’s needs. Her warm, welcoming demeanor, coupled with a slightly directive style, allows her to effectively engage with complex issues.