Thai Therapists in Sweden

Thai Therapists in Sweden – (Thaiterapeut i sverige)

Are you looking for native Thai therapists in Sweden ? We are pleased to announce that online counselling services are now available in  Sweden , provided by experienced bilingual therapists in both Thai and English language. Although there are some excellent resources for Thai ex-pats living in Sweden  such as InterNations, counselling services in  Sweden  in Thai language do not appear to exist according to the many Swedish  clients we have helped through online counselling. 

How can Therapy be Beneficial for you?

Despite the fact that counselling services have been seen to be more accepted these days, there is still a stigma around mental health and seeking help in Thai culture. The misconceptions about counselling and therapy have greatly underplayed the necessity and significant benefits of it.  Here are some of the common misconceptions that Thai people may need to overcome when considering counselling.


  • Something has to be seriously wrong to reach out for help: This is unfortunately still one of the biggest misconceptions about counselling. It is crucial to keep in mind, there are no criteria when seeking help and there need not be a clinical diagnosis.


  • The problem will eventually go away on its own: This is another common misconception people have when it comes to seeking help. More often than not, letting the problem fester only creates more problems. Seeking help at an early stage is critical in better managing and solving problems.


  • People may look down on me for seeking help: This is a very relevant misconception about seeking help and we work very hard to combat this stigma on a day to day basis. Remember that there is no shame in seeking help for issues that are affecting and disrupting your life in the most negative of ways.


Benefits of Working with a Thai Therapist in Sweden

 There are many advantages to seeking a Thai therapist in Sweden . Firstly, individuals will be able to comfortably discuss matters in their mother tongue language. Together with our extensive experienced therapists, individuals are allowed to learn and explore more about themselves. Secondly, our trained and experienced counsellors can help individuals, through support and appropriate guidance, to achieve their goals and sustain more satisfactory relationships with others. Lastly, our main aim is to improve all aspects of a client’s life, by empowering clients to take control of their own lives and take action. If you feel there is something holding you down from living the life that you imagined, our bilingual (Thai & English) therapists are able to help you address and find a way to resolve it, allowing you to live your life to its maximum potential.

What do Our Thai Therapists Offer?

 Our native Thai therapists in Japan  offer online therapy services for an extensive range of issues and have immense experience in dealing with these problems. Some of the areas our native Thai speaking therapists specialise in include:


How to Access Online Counselling with Native Thai Therapists in Sweden ?

We work with many international clients and can accommodate various time zones. 

Before making any commitment we offer a free 15 minute Zoom video consultation to discuss things further, answer any questions and can arrange a mutually convenient time for the first full counselling session.

 If you could please complete our online enquiry form this will give a little extra information to help us select whom we believe the most suitable therapist would be and then we can email you a list of available appointment times for the free initial call. We aim to respond within 24 hours.