CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) In Chiang Mai

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Chiang Mai

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Chiang Mai & Bangkok is a type of therapy that has been around for over 50 years. It is well researched and considered a best practice in many therapy centres. By using CBT, counsellors in Chiang Mai have successfully helped people struggling with FEAR, depression, anxiety and negative ineffective thought patterns, habits and behaviours. We practice CBT since it is so effective at helping people with many different things.

What Is CBT?

As a treatment model, CBT is versatile and creates a very comprehensive picture of how people act. Growing up, most likely even before the age of 5, we all learned about the world from our experiences and the environment in which we grew up. If our parents attended to us when we cried, we would learn that people can be safe and take care of our needs. If, for example, parents got frustrated and angry with us when we cried, we would learn we cannot trust people to take care of us.

These things we learn become beliefs, or rules, that we have, and that we use to evaluate the people and the world around us. Growing up to learn that people are safe to trust, we would follow that in our feelings and actions. It would become the basis for relationships, and how we navigate society.

Now, these belief structures colour everything we do, and they are something we learned when we were toddlers. They may not represent reality now or were even correct. Sometimes these inaccurate or illogical representations of reality are just distortions of the truth because it’s something we figured out when we were one or two! And now we are living out everything we learned then.

How and Where CBT Can Help

For CBT in Chiang Mai, getting to the root of these beliefs and changing them is the key. CBT works by identifying them, challenging them, and figuring out what is more healthy and helpful. In this treatment, a CBT counsellor will talk with you to help you identify these beliefs. You will get the opportunity to learn and experience through rational debate and looking at the evidence supporting them, to determine if they are healthy and helpful, or illogical and harmful. By changing how we think, we then change how we feel and act. We improve our minds, health and bodies this way.
It’s like being a scientist. Looking at the belief, a person will start to learn how it shapes how they feel. Then looking at the consequences of those feelings and actions, determine if that was a logical action, or if it was illogical and unhelpful. The benefit comes because then new beliefs can be fashioned from what was learned. The power comes from selecting thoughts and beliefs that are more in tune with reality and shape more productive emotions.

CBT has been shown to have a positive impact and improve the quality of life for people struggling with depression and anxiety, as well as substance abuse. It also provides the basis for alternatives to 12 Step programs like AA and NA.

What are the Benefits of CBT? (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Chiang Mai)


CBT has many demonstrated benefits. It has 50 years of practice, research, and counsellor and client experience to show its efficacy. Some of the benefits of working with a CBT counsellor in Chiang Mai include:
● Identifying negative thoughts and behaviours
● Anger management
● Working through grief and loss
● Dealing with stress
● Helping with life change
● Overcoming trauma
● Making healthier lifestyle choices
● Decreased substance use and abuse
● Overcoming sleep problems
● Managing anxiety and depression symptoms
● Most importantly, learning the skills you need so you do not have to keep doing the same negative things anymore.

These are just some of the benefits of CBT counselling in Thailand with Counselling Thailand. The main benefit people receive is the tools to manage these and other issues on their own. CBT is about learning how to solve these problems and getting the skills to do that. Coping with stress or other issues will almost always be something that is taught in therapy with a CBT counsellor.

Where to Find a CBT Counsellor in Thailand?


Counselling Thailand Offers CBT Counselling in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Online. We have professional services available to you and can help you with many of the issues CBT treats. We offer alternatives to 12 Step programs that can be helpful to those who struggle or disagree with the 12 Step model approach and prefer something based upon a more cognitive and scientific framework. If you are curious or feel like CBT could be a benefit to you, please contact us immediately, so we can begin to help.