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Where to Find Bangkok Counselling & Therapy Providers


Many Bangkok counselling and therapy providers employ Western trained therapists. Our experienced counselling team offers professional counselling services in both Thai and English language for individuals, couples and families. In addition to private counselling in Bangkok, we also offer hypnotherapy services, individual alcohol counselling programmes. and online therapy from the comfort of your own home or workplace.


NATIVE SPEAKER: Many counsellors working for many of the counselling services in Bangkok Western-trained, and several are native English speakers which you may prefer if English is your first language or the language that you are most comfortable conversing in. For Thai clients looking for either individual counselling or couples therapy our experienced native therapists are fully bilingual in Thai and English. Additional languages include Mandarin, Malay, Indonesian, Tagalog and Hindi.

GENDER: Our counselling team comprises of both male and female therapists all with extensive experience of working with both male, female and non-gender specific clients. We recognise that some clients may feel more comfortable with a therapist of a specific sex / gender so this can be requested in the initial online enquiry form prior to booking the free initial consultation before making any commitment.

Within our team two of our therapists (one male and one female) have specialist knowledge and experience working with LGBT clients as well as have both male and female therapists experienced with trauma, abuse (sexual and domestic), grief, loss and bereavement.

EXPERIENCE: Although not a requirement in Thailand, we believe that a counsellor should have at least two years of experience in the field of therapy. It is also helpful for a therapist to be receiving ongoing clinical supervision or participate in professional groups that provide case consultation. This is mandatory in countries such as the UK to ensure the highest-quality therapeutic services.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bangkok counselling & therapy providers may possess a range of qualifications, the highest being a Masters Degree, PhD., or various counselling licenses. In some countries, this is a minimum requirement for working within certain organisations. All our Bangkok based counsellors hold both Bachelor’s and Master Degree qualifications. Tao Saengwan qualified psychologist and head counsellor for in person Bangkok counselling clients is a member of the Counselling Psychology Association Thailand (Member ID 19A1027)

THE THERAPEUTIC ALLIANCE: Your relationship with your counsellor or therapist, which is sometimes referred to as a “therapeutic alliance,” is a crucial factor in determining how effective therapy will be for you. A strong therapeutic alliance is said to provide substantial and consistent contributions to the outcome of therapy regardless of the specific modality being used. In the beginning stages of therapy, a therapist or counsellor will work with you to establish rapport and trust. Although at times a therapist may challenge or question your thoughts or behaviors, they should always do in a respectful manner that allows you to remain comfortable and engaged in the course of therapy.

REPUTATION: Recommendations for counsellors or therapists in Bangkok can be found most commonly via ONLINE REVIEWS  and sometimes via personal recommendation. However, since counselling is private and confidential, many people often wish to remain anonymous and do not want to advertise publicly online that they are seeing a counsellor. Any reputable company offering counselling services in Bangkok will offer a free initial telephone consultation before any financial commitment is made so that a potential client can get a feel for the therapist or company.

FEES: Prices for Bangkok counselling providers can vary and usually average between 2500 and 3500 Thai Baht per 45 to 60 minute session. Counselling Thailand currently offers one of the most competitive counselling fees in Bangkok with both English and Thai speaking therapists with no extra charges for couples therapy.




FLEXIBILITY: Considering the long working hours typical in Asia along with traffic congestion, finding a private counselling practice that can accommodate sessions outside of normal working hours can be a challenge. Nowadays however, there is a lot more flexibility through online counselling. Online counselling has many advantages including savings in time, travel, and cost as well as greater anonymity. At Counselling Thailand, we offer online counselling with therapists based in both Thailand, Malaysia and the UK. The time difference between the UK and Thailand can serve as a huge advantage in allowing people on different schedules to get the help they need at a time that suits them.

Bangkok Counselling


Before making any financial commitment, we offer a free no-obligation fifteen minute video call consultation to discuss why you are seeking therapy as well as to answer any questions that you may have. Provided that you feel comfortable to proceed, we will email you a confidential client information form for you to complete and return prior to your first appointment. This form gives your counsellor insight into the issues that are most important to you, as well as outlining your medical history including current medications, family and relationship information, your past experience(s) with therapy, and more. Completing this form prior to your first official session allows you to gain the most out of your time and also gives your therapist an opportunity to prepare a session that is more personalised and in direct response to your individual needs.

During your first session, your counsellor will present relevant information regarding ethics and confidentiality with you. If you have any outstanding questions regarding how therapy works, session format, etc. these can also be addressed at the beginning of the first session so that everyone is on the same page. Since you will have already completed a client information form, your counsellor may choose to review certain sections of this form with you to get more details or to ask questions. Knowing your personal and family background is important both in establishing rapport and trust, and also in knowing how to proceed in therapy. During the initial session, your therapist will also ask you to name the specific problems or symptoms that you are experiencing and what brings you to therapy. This will assist your therapist and you in developing a personalised treatment plan with short and long-term SMART goals.

Types of Counselling in Bangkok – Available in Multiple Languages: English, Thai, Mandarin, Indonesian, Tagalog & Hindi


Group Counselling

At Counselling Thailand, we offer group counselling as well as individual counselling depending on our client’s needs and preferences. The group counselling model allows individuals to recognise that they are not alone and that there are others who share the same issues and struggles. Group counselling offers a unique opportunity to receive support and also give support which cultivates both empathy and empowerment for the individual members. Group counselling supports clients in learning how to express their thoughts and feelings by developing effective communication and socialisation skills. Lastly, group therapy allows for the incorporation of many different perspectives, which can be hugely beneficial when analysing situations and making important decisions.

Individual Counselling

In individual counselling we are able to provide in-depth analysis and highly personalised treatment. In group therapy, an individual may not have the time or space to work through their individual issues as comprehensively as when they are working 1:1 with a therapist.  In individual therapy, the pace of therapy is tailored specifically to the client. For example, some clients may feel equipped to handle intense interventions, while others may prefer more subtle interventions with more time to adjust and process. The therapeutic alliance (which refers to the relationship between counsellor and client), is also stronger in individual therapy and helps clients to feel safe and supported as they confront different issues and challenges.

 Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, or couples counselling, helps to improve romantic relationships, resolve interpersonal problems, build or rebuild trust, and help partners commit to each other and their relationship.

A couples counsellor’s job is to understand each person as well as the relationship as a whole. In this way, the relationship itself is the client, not either individual exclusively, although separate individual therapy may be recommended in addition to the couples therapy.

There are many reasons that a couple may decide to reach out to a relationship counsellor in Bangkok for help. Some of the most common reasons include dealing with stress, alcohol or substance abuse, a desire to feel more closely connected, building trust, recovering from infidelity, or helping to rekindle the passion.

Many of our couples therapy in Bangkok involves Thai / Western and cross-cultural relationships. Each of these presents unique challenges including communication issues (verbal and non-verbal), family issues, misunderstanding each other’s religious or cultural background, etc. Our skilled relationship counsellors have extensive experience working with cross-cultural couples and are very familiar with these issues and the tools and skills to address them.

Seeking couples therapy in Bangkok can be extremely useful to help individuals and couples get past relationship hurdles and build a stronger, happier relationship.

Teen Counselling

Teenagers face several challenges during this chaotic phase in their lives, not only are they constantly adapting and embracing the physical changes in their bodies but also to the unrealistic expectations of our society today. This makes the teen and adolescent years an extremely vulnerable time for the start of many health problems such as anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and more.

Our Thai and English-speaking counsellors are trained to help teens manage the challenges and successfully navigate their way through this tumultuous time. We believe by doing this at an early stage, we can provide our young clients with a significant advantage for their future. For more information please visit our Teen Counseling page. 

Online Counselling

 Being able to access online counselling in Bangkok can be highly beneficial for someone with a demanding work schedule or who would otherwise have difficulty attending in-person sessions. With online therapy, clients are able to arrange a time for therapy that is most conducive to their personal schedule. For those who are new to therapy, online therapy can be a comfortable segue into therapy because it allows therapy to take place within the comfort of one’s own home or chosen environment.

At Counselling Thailand we offer online individual therapy as well as online group therapy.

How to Arrange a Free Initial Consultation

Costs individual and group therapy counselling (both in-person and online) can be found on our fees and appointments page.

Before you make any financial commitment we offer a free 15 minute Zoom video consultation to discuss things further, answer any questions you may have and can arrange a mutually convenient time for first full counselling session.

Please complete our online enquiry form and remember to include your city location if contacting us from outside Thailand so we can suggest suitable times convenient for your time zone.