Teen Counselling in Chiang Mai

Teen Counselling in Chiang Mai and Online

 Our experienced counselling team offer a range of therapy options for anyone looking for teen counselling in Chiang Mai. The teenage years are a very significant phase in any individual’s life as it bridges the gap between childhood and adulthood. Several crucial developmental milestones are achieved during this stage, some of these include:

  • Building your identity
  • Establishing social competence
  • Psychological resilience

Many adolescents may also experience severely heightened emotions due to their hormonal changes. As such, this may be a particularly turbulent time for adolescents and teens as they are less equipped and experienced when coping with negative emotions and setbacks when compared to adults.

Teenagers also battle with other stressors some of which include academic pressure, family dysfunction, social media, self-esteem issues, peer pressure, bullying, eating disorders and more. Relating to and communicating with teenagers can be very difficult. There is no shame in recognizing your child may need some extra guidance when navigating through this tricky time in their lives.

Benefits of Teen Counselling in Chiang Mai

 It is important to keep in mind; you need not be suffering from a single isolated issue in order to reach out to a counsellor in Chiang Mai. There are several reasons mentioned above, as to why teens may need extra support and guidance when navigating their way through this phase in their lives.

Our teen counselling services in Chiang Mai are aimed to improve client’s overall mood, self-worth, self-confidence and also boost their self-esteem. We help our clients dive deeper into the root cause of their feelings, emotions and behaviours. We then work through these issues with our clients and find healthier ways to cope with them and find relevant solutions.

Working with our counsellors can also help your child in managing issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Academic Stress
  • Family Dysfunction
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Identity Issues
  • Sexuality Issues
  • Body Image Issues
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Bullying
  • Disengagement in School
  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • Peer Pressure
  • Addictions such as Gaming, Internet and Social Media

Our teen counselling services in Chiang Mai offer a safe and non-judgemental place for teens to be open and honest about their innermost thoughts and feelings. We want our clients to know they have someone listening who they are really able to be transparent with and trust.Teen Counselling in Chiang Mai

Signs Your Teen May Need a Therapist

 In today’s society most adolescents are expected to have emotional ups and downs, suffer from moodiness, have trouble with friends, and sometimes slump in their academic performance. The real question remains: How do you know when your child is struggling with something more serious? And when is it appropriate to seek professional guidance?

Some signs that should raise your concern include:

  • Increasingly poor academic performance
  • Showing signs of anxiety and depression
  • Self-destructive behaviours
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Violent tendencies
  • Low confidence and self-worth
  • Anger management issues
  • Social media addiction
  • Talks about or engages in self-harm
  • Expresses hopelessness
  • Has a change in sleeping habits and appetite



Why Choose Teen Counselling in Chiang Mai?

 From poor academic performance to keeping bad company, all teens face their own problems. However, sometimes an adolescent’s distress may rise dramatically to a level after which it may be important to seek a teen counsellor.

It is crucial to keep in mind that counselling is not reserved solely for life-altering and traumatic events, it can simply allow your teen to communicate whatever they might be going through, no matter how small or big with someone they can trust. We aim for our clients to prevent minor issues from snowballing into huge obstacles in their life. Teens can benefit greatly when communicating with a counsellor to talk about a variety of topics, these can range from relationship trouble to sexual identity exploration.

 Here are some common reasons teens come to therapy:

  • Depression: Many mood disorders often occur during these adolescent years. When left untreated, depression can often last into adulthood and later years. If your teen seems sad for a long duration of time or withdrawn entirely, it may be a clear sign your child needs help.
  • Anxiety: While it may be normal for teens to be anxious, some teens experience this on an extremely intense level. Anxiety disorders can interfere greatly in different areas of a teen’s life, including academic performance and relationships. Whether your teen is afraid of crowds or is in a state of constant worry bad things may happen, seeing a teen counsellor in Chiang Mai could help them learn how to cope in healthier ways.
  • Behaviour Problems: Anger management problems, suspensions from school, violence and frequently violating curfews may be symptoms of a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Our therapists can help uncover underlying issues which may be driving your teen’s erratic behaviour.
  • Alcohol and Drug Use: Drugs and alcohol are prevalent in the life of teens in today’s society. Our highly experienced counsellors will be able to accurately assess your teen’s substance use and help determine the most appropriate course of action.
  • Stress: Teenagers frequently get stressed out. Whether it be the academic pressure or the pressure put on them by society, this stress can take a serious toll on their health. Our teen counselling services in Chiang Mai aim to help teens better manage their stress and develop healthier coping mechanisms and strategies.
  • School: Whether it be peer pressure, bullying, poor academic performances or trying to fit in, there are several social-related problems teens may be exposed to. When this does occur, teens often don’t know where to go for help. Counselling is able to provide teens with guidance and support while teaching them skills that will be useful to them when navigating life through high school.
  • Legal Problems: Shoplifting, underage drinking or street fights are just a few reasons why teens may face trouble with the law. In some cases, they may even be court-mandated to receive therapy. Our counsellors can help and guide them in making better decisions so that further legal trouble can be prevented.
  • Low Self Esteem: While most teens struggle with low self-esteem, some struggle with this issue on a profound level. When these issues are left unrecognized, these teens may be at risk for problems such as alcohol and drug use. Our counsellors help clients see their worth and help build up their courage.
  • Trauma: Whether it be a near-death experience, loss of a loved one or sexual assault, traumatic events can have a deep impact on teens, especially if they are unable to handle it emotionally. Our counselling services in Chiang Mai aim to increase resilience and rude the impact of the traumatic event.

How to Access Help and Support For Teen Counselling in Chiang Mai – In person or Online

Whether your teen requires help navigating normal developmental challenges or may be dealing with something more severe, seeking help at an early stage can make life easier for everyone. It’s normal to experience a range of emotions when contemplating reaching out for help, however, it is important not to let those emotions get in the way of getting your teen’s life back on track.

If you do decide to seek help for your teen, we offer different therapy techniques some of which include:

Our English and Thai speaking counsellors are available online globally and are flexible within time zones, catering to your schedule entirely. Additionally, we also offer a free phone consultation in order for us to better understand and serve you or answer any additional queries.

If you are contemplating counselling or therapy for your teen, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a confidential discussion.