Thai therapists in Singapore

How to Find Professional Thai Therapists in Singapore

Counselling Thailand is now providing Thai Therapists in Singapore, through online counselling with English and Thai speaking therapists at competitive prices. It has been reported that around 46000 Thai people live in Singapore, while there are not so many Thai therapists. In fact, the number of therapy providers offering services in the Thai language is extremely low. Therefore, it can be quite challenging for Thai residents to find a suitable therapist in Singapore to fit all their needs. Especially, this should not stop them from receiving the help they need during such uncertain times.

Our experienced therapists offer therapy in both English and Thai language, including both individual and  Thai-Western couples’ therapy., depending on the client’s preference.

Reasons To Seek Thai Therapists In Singapore

It is essential for a Thai resident living in Singapore to be able to reach out to counsellors when they need someone you can comfortably talk to. We are aware that living in a foreign country can be an extremely difficult and stressful situation. For instance, feeling homesick and struggling with adapting to new places. Other reasons include:

  •   Lack of a sense of belonging.
  •   Language barriers.
  •   Cultural differences.
  •   Inability to speak the mother tongue.
  • Lack of social connection or friends

Benefits of Working with a Thai Therapist

There are plenty of benefits to seeking Thai therapists in Singapore. First of all, having a Thai native therapist allows the client to be able to fully express their concerns in their comfortable language, which makes it easier to relate to them. Hence, individuals are allowed to learn and explore more about themselves. Moreover, problems such as cultural differences are the reasons why people may find it easier to relate to Thai therapists when they are nationals, living and working in a foreign country. Lastly, our extensive experienced therapists can help individuals to achieve their goals and sustain more satisfactory relationships with others. If you are struggling and feeling distressed, our bilingual (Thai & English) therapists are here to help you address the problems and find a solution to them, allowing you to live your life to its maximum potential.


Some Other Benefits of Working with a Thai Speaking Therapist Include:

Learning To Access Different Parts of Yourself: When speaking in one’s mother tongue, you are better able to connect with someone entirely, which allows for a more transparent and authentic experience.


Feeling More Understood: Clients have previously reported feeling deeply understood when given the opportunity to speak to a therapist in their own mother tongue. Not having to worry about mistranslating or which word fits where helps to focus on what’s important.


With limited access to native Thai therapists in Singapore and with ongoing restrictions put forward by the global pandemic, online therapy has become increasingly popular today and is a modern way to conduct traditional therapy sessions.

How To Book Free Initial Consultation

If you or someone around you is struggling in a foreign country and could benefit from working with a native Thai therapist please reach out to us today via our online enquiry form. Additionally, we also offer a free consultation call without any financial commitment for you to decide whether we are the best fit for you or to simply answer any other questions you may have.