Thai Therapist US

Thai Therapist US

Looking for a Thai Therapist in the US? Counselling Thailand offers online therapy with English and Thai speaking therapists across the United States, with increased accessibility and at more affordable prices.

According to relevant sources, there are currently over 300,000 Thai natives’ currently residing in the U.S. New York and Los Angeles are the states with the highest native Thai population.

Due to the restrictions put forth by the global pandemic, we are aware it has made it extremely tedious for people to gain direct access to help, especially when they might have difficulties understanding English and so on, or simply miss speaking in their own language.

Our experienced therapists offer therapy in both English and Thai language, depending on the client’s preference.


Why Therapy is a New Concept for Thai People

There are certain factors that cause individuals not to be aware of counselling services and resources around them in Thailand:

from their ecosystems to the individual’s perception. Here are some of the issues faced:

∙ Shortage of skills in healthcare: It is common in Thailand, for people to be more familiar with the term clinical psychology, rather than counselling. It is known to be the only professional license available. In Thailand, any support for mental and emotional wellbeing, therefore, is usually given via psychiatrists and usually consists of medication. Only in the more recent years have universities started offering Bachelors and Master’s degrees in this field.  This usually causes clinical psychologists to be assigned and responsible for most cases. Meanwhile, in other countries, we seem to find that counseling areas are far more specific, inclusive and varied. Continuing to do a master’s degree overseas may be the only viable option for Thai natives who may be passionate about pursuing this career choice.

∙ Misconceptions towards mental health treatments: Even though counseling services these days seem to be more accepting as another alternative to recovery, it has not gained immense traction. There are several reasons which caused so many native Thai people to form an opinion around counseling and therapy:


Firstly, people do not see the necessity of it. Counselling requires commitment, time and money. Unfortunately, the stigma around mental wellbeing remains, and some people may not be convinced they are required to go through these challenging steps in order to recover.

Secondly, some people may be affected by peer pressure. Thai people originate from a collectivist society, rather than an individualistic one. This unfortunately makes them concerned over the opinions of others and their reactions if people are to find out that they are receiving help and emotional support.

Thirdly, some may be in denial and simply not acknowledge the fact that they need help. Some individuals simply may think they are above it or often deny they are facing any issues altogether.

Lastly, some individuals may also have trust issues. They may not feel safe or comfortable being open, honest and transparent with their counsellors and may shy away from the idea of being vulnerable.thai speaking therapist in USA

Reforming the Image of Counseling in Thailand

Universally speaking, the most crucial aspect when solving a problem is to acknowledge there is a problem in the first place. Unfortunately, the factors mentioned prior block people who are in need of healing. Their problems only become bigger and continue to affect them and also those around them.

In other countries, things are usually different because people perceive counselling differently. There lies an opportunity that there is still room for counselling services to expand, even within Thailand. Until this stage, social media has played a crucial role in helping spread the message and educate people, while also helping normalise the stigma of counselling altogether. We still have a long hard journey ahead of completely eradicating stigmas attached to mental health, however, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

How to Access Native Thai Therapists in the U.S?

It is crucial to remember never to avoid signs and symptoms. If you or anyone around you has been troubled, depressed or anxious for a prolonged duration, it is important to reach out for help. Avoiding the problem or thinking it may fix itself over time can often make a situation worse.

In order to get started on your journey with a native Thai therapist, you can contact us for any of our counselling services through our online enquiry form. Additionally, to see if we are the best possible fit for you and your specific needs, we offer a free consultation call without any prior financial commitments being made to us. Reach out to us in order to get started on your journey toward a more fulfilling life.