Find Counsellor in Hua Hin

Find Counsellor in Hua Hin

 Finding a Counsellor in Hua Hin can sometimes be challenging as the majority of counselling services in Thailand tend to be located in the larger cities, such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai. There are several ways in which we can enhance our overall health, and seeing a counsellor is one of them.  Counselling in Hua Hin offers a unique context whereby individuals can gain a better understanding of themselves and those around them. Counselling and therapy can be an essential tool to help you build a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Counselling can also benefit those individuals who are struggling with emotional turmoil and life challenges. Therapy helps alleviate and improve symptoms that may impact your daily life.

Our experience has also proven that the benefits of individual therapy provide an invaluable additional resource to medication alone*. Undoubtedly, medication can reduce certain symptoms, but counselling can often provide individuals with skills to understand the root causes of these symptom’s, coping skills and deeper insight into effective new behaviours.

*DISCLAIMER: Neither our company or any of our counselling team are licensed to prescribe or give medical advice around prescribed medication. Anyone looking for specific medical advice should contact a local medical doctor licensed by Thai Ministry of Health or Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin

Reasons to Seek a Counsellor or Therapist in Hua Hin


➢  Recurring or chronic anxiety and depression – If you are experiencing chronic and also recurring anxiety and depression and are constantly bogged down by the symptoms and feel them escalating, it might be an ideal time to reach out for help.


➢  Spillover of stress – If you are dealing with issues in your everyday life and the stress and triggers are beginning to spill over into other areas which may be unrelated, it is crucial to speak to a professional.


➢  Experiencing traumatic and overwhelming events – If you have experienced any event which is particularly overwhelming and traumatic, and are finding it difficult to re-engage fully in your day to day life, you may benefit from seeking some help.


➢  Your loved ones are expressing concern about you – If people around you express concern about your actions and behaviours and you hear the same message over and over from those close to you, it may be time to speak to a counsellor.


➢  Get rid of unnecessary baggage – More often than not, our view of ourselves and also the world around us is set in stone, from past experiences and memories. Sometimes, we may not even be aware of how they affect and shape us as individuals. These entrenched ideas can ultimately weigh us down and also prevent us from discovering new aspects of who we are and also, can become.


➢  Seeking more meaning in life – Some individuals may be simply seeking a deeper meaning to aspects that shape their lives, or desiring heightened passion for what you’re already engaging in. A counsellor may be able to provide different ideas and perspectives which can help individuals live a more fulfilling life.


➢  Issues are beginning to affect work, relationships or school life – When your issues begin to affect your personal life, this should be a clear sign as to why seeking help is important.

If you feel you relate to any of the above and experience emotions intensely enough that they interfere with daily life, therapy may be able to help you reduce the effects. It is crucial to bear in mind, you need to get help if you feel controlled by symptoms or they could cause harm to you and those around you.

Types of Counselling Available in Hua Hin


Find Counsellor in Hua HinSome of the common types of counselling offered by our counsellors in Hua Hin include:

➢  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( CBT ): By using CBT, our counsellors can focus on identifying and changing our clients inaccurate or irrational thinking patterns, emotional responses and behaviours. We use CBT for a wide range of conditions including, addictive patterns, anger management, anxiety, depression, phobias, problems related to stress and so on.

➢  Person-Centred Therapy: This type of therapy focuses on seeking solutions for life’s difficulties and overcoming shortcomings and challenges. Person-Centred therapy is more self-directed, rather than being directive, which means it is up to you to enact and drive change. Our therapists still recognise that some clients may need some guidance and are present every step of the way. Our therapists work via this core approach, but also adjust certain frameworks for every individual we treat.

➢  Couples Therapy: We also offer couples therapy, whereby our highly experienced therapists work with couples and aid them in resolving conflict, improving communication, and gaining a deeper insight into their relationship. At Counselling Thailand, we also offer counselling specifically for Thai and Western relationship therapy.

➢  Hypnotherapy: We also offer hypnotherapy. This approach utilises guided relaxation, focused attention and intense concentration to eventually achieve a heightened sense of self-awareness, which can sometimes be referred to as a trance.

➢  Depression: Depression is a severe condition that affects how individuals behave, think, feel and function. Rather than simply feeling sad or being down, depression is capable of affecting an individuals interest in day to day activities, quality of life and more. The good news however is, depression can be treated and we offer counselling specifically catered around depression itself.

➢  Anxiety: If you feel your fears and worries have become so recurring, and are beginning to cause extreme distress and disrupting your daily actives and responsibilities, it is time to seek professional help. Our therapists work closely with clients to uncover underlying causes and devise an appropriate course of treatment.

➢  Alcohol Counselling: This is commonly used to tackle the emotional causes of the excessive abuse of alcohol. Addiction is known as a ‘disease of the brain’ and therefore, alcohol counselling is a crucial element when it comes to recovery and more importantly, maintaining sobriety. Our therapists are trained to provide the highly essential guidance and support that is required to achieve your goals.

These are some types of counselling we offer amongst others. Our counsellors provide counselling in Hua Hin Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other remote areas within

Thailand via online counselling. and also globally either on an individual or group basis, depending upon our client’s personal preference.

If you or someone around you feels they may need help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our online enquiry form. Additionally, without any commitment to us, we offer a free consultation phone call in case you have any questions or queries regarding our counselling services. Reach out to us today to begin your journey toward a better future.