Counselling in Koh Phangan


Being a remote island, with no airport it may sometimes be hard to find a therapist offering counselling in Koh Phangan that is permanently based here.Counselling Thailand is introducing our online counselling and hypnotherapy services in order to help our clients from remote areas for direct access to online therapy in Thailand. We have native English and Thai western trained therapists based permanently in Thailand as therapy connections worldwide for anyone seeking therapy services in other languages such as German, Dutch, Arabic and many more.

With the ongoing expansion of modern-day technology, an increasing number of individuals are now seeing the advantages of online counselling or hypnotherapy. There are several advantages of online therapy today, it isn’t as time consuming as traditional therapy and is also the most accessible form of therapy. We make our therapists within reach from your smartphone or computer at any given place and at any given time. With everyday life digitalising, and because of the pure convenience of online therapy, it is expected to be here to stay!



Counselling in Koh PhanganAlthough therapy sessions are confidential some people may not be entirely comfortable examining their feelings and thoughts in a traditional therapy setting, our online counselling platforms accessible from Koh Phangan provide anonymity as well as convenience

Our therapists offer continuous support via our online counselling platform which is a crucial advantage of online therapy, as it allows you to chat with your therapist whenever you feel you need support, this is highly beneficial for those individuals who need frequent supervision when coping with certain symptoms of depressionalcohol dependency and anxiety.

At Counselling Thailand, we are happy to provide accessible as well as confidential therapy and are members of the International Therapist Directory allowing us to connect with clients and other therapists worldwide. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you believe you or any of your loved ones can benefit from our online services. We also offer a free consultation call to see if we best fit your needs.