Thai Therapists in Switzerland

Experienced Thai Therapists in Switzerland  – (Erfahrene thailändische Therapeuten in der Schweiz)

If you are looking for experienced Thai Therapists in Switzerland, Counseling Thailand offers both individual counselling and couples therapy available in Thai and English language with experienced Native Thai bilingual therapists

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland, there are approximately 9,700 Thais living across Switzerland. Although there are some excellent resources for Thai ex-pats living in Switzerland such as InterNations to help connect with the Thai community in Switzerland, however. It is not easy to reach out to someone to talk about personal concerns, which can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. In addition, due to the low number of Thai therapists available in Switzerland, finding the right therapist for you can be difficult. Hence, it is important that our clients receive all the help that they need at the right time. 

How Can You Benefit From Therapy?

For most individuals who may be struggling with issues in their lives, living far away from home can be quite lonely and distressing. Having someone whom you can openly discuss in your native language without judgment can be extremely helpful and rewarding.  Simply knowing there is someone to truly listen to and understand you can help clients take a step in the right direction. 

In the past, in order to attend counselling and therapy sessions, it was necessary for clients and therapists to be present together in a physical setting. Although traditional therapy is still a good option, due to the pandemic and the immense increase in transition to online platforms, online therapy is now becoming a modern alternative to traditional therapy. In this digital era and with the help of online therapy, clients are now able to carry out their therapy sessions without leaving their own homes and just with access to the internet.


Let us take a look at some benefits of online therapy:


  • More convenient and accessible: Online therapy makes it possible to access therapy regardless of where you are located. People now have more options since they are no longer restricted by distances. As we are aware that life can get very busy and it can sometimes be difficult to make it to a counselling appointment. However, you can comfortably have your session in your home without having to worry about travelling and save yourself some spare time. 
  • Affordability and Flexibility: We aim to make all our counselling services convenient, flexible and affordable for our clients. Accessing our services from the comfort of your own home also allows clients the flexibility and convenience to schedule sessions according to their preferences.

What do Our Thai Therapists Offer?


Our native Thai therapists in Switzerland offer services for an extensive range of issues and have immense experience in dealing with these problems. Some of the areas our native Thai speaking therapists specialize in include:



Where to Find Native Thai Therapists in Switzerland?

Our online counselling services are now available across Switzerland with increased accessibility and competitive pricing. If you feel you are struggling in a foreign country and need that extra touch of home, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The good news is that we offer a free consultation call without any financial commitment. Where you get to talk to our therapists and take your time to decide whether we are the best fit for you or to simply answer any other questions you may have.