Counsellor in Udon Thani


Finding a well-equipped counsellor in Udon Thani for in person counselling and therapy services outside of Bangkok can be both difficult and time consuming. Counselling Thailand is now introducing online counselling services in Udon Thani. We are here to help no matter what your issue, we commonly treat issues such as anxiety, depressionalcohol counselling, couples counselling and many others. We also offer our services in group or individual formats and in Thai and English language. 

Our online therapy services aim to be accessible to any individual anywhere in or out of Thailand and is our way of trying to expand to remote areas and populations where treatment way not be as easily accessible. All our experienced therapists are well trained and well equipped to successfully conduct sessions online for anyone looking for a counsellor in Udon
Thani with the same ethical components that exist in traditional therapy, and also provide the same quality of services as the traditional face to face counselling would.

Should you have any questions regarding our services or whether online therapy may be the best fit for you, please do reach out to us via the details provided on our website. Additionally, before making any commitments to our services, we also provide a free consultation over the phone.Counsellor in Udon Thani