Thai Therapists in Australia

Experienced Thai Therapists in Australia

Are you looking for native Thai therapists in Australia? We are pleased to announce that online counselling services are now available in Australia, provided by experienced bilingual therapists in both Thai and English language.


 As of 2016, according to national statistics approximately 66,229 Thai people live across Australia, where the numbers are very likely to have been increased by now. For any native Thais living in Australia, we are aware that you may have concerns or experience some difficulties in life and have a limited support network in your own language.

Although seeking professional counselling has become more relevant, common and acceptable nowadays, it is understandable that finding a suitable Thai speaking therapist even in the larger cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane can be difficult.  

Counselling Thailand offers varied types of online counselling for any native Thais living in Australia. With the option of either male or female therapists for individual, couples, children, teen and family counselling. We also have extensive experience in cross-cultural relationships and couples counselling as well as working with the LGBTQ community.


Why is Therapy a Good Decision?

It is important to know that working through challenges is never easy and therapy is never a quick fix. Counselling requires a lot of trust, effort, honesty and time. The results can be varied amongst different people. However, if the individuals are willing to put in the extra effort for a more fulfilling life, therapy can be extremely worthwhile. Our native Thai and western therapists aim for counselling sessions to work as a safe and judgement-free space, where you are able to open up about your feelings and struggles, with a professional who is there to guide and support you. Taking the first step can be hard, but we are here to support and give the guidance you need in order to achieve good emotional well-being and a healthy lifestyle. 

Benefits of online therapy for Thai Residents in Australia


  •   Alternate option for those in remote areas: Online therapy can be accessed remotely and globally; this especially concerns those residing in remote areas who may not have access to these services in their location. All you need to access our counselling services is a reliable internet connection and a quiet space where you feel comfortable.


  •   Affordability and flexibility: We aim to make all our counselling services convenient and affordable for our clients. Acquiring our services from the comfort of your own home also allows clients the flexibility and convenience to schedule sessions according to their preferences. Our native Thai counsellors in Australia also work flexible hours in order to make up for differing time zones.


  •   Clients may find It easier than traditional therapy: Some clients actually prefer online sessions for many reasons. Saving time from travelling and all the hassles. It also allows clients to feel more comfortable being in their own space and also scheduling sessions solely based on their schedules and convenience. It can also work to alleviate any stigmas attached to seeking help.



Why Choose a Thai Therapist in Australia?


When seeking a therapist in Australia accessibility and cost can be a concern for some individuals. Even though there are quite a number of counsellors and therapists available in Australia, it may be difficult for a native Thai foreigner living in Australia to be able to approach and fully relate to them. When it comes to such personal issues or problems, it is much easier to be able to talk about those concerns with someone who has a good understanding of your background, language and culture to whom you can fully relate in your own language.


Here are some of the reasons why clients may seek a native Thai therapist in Australia


  •   Language barriers.
  •   Cultural differences
  •   Lack of sense of belonging
  •   Easier to relate to someone from the same country as you.
  •   Lack of social and community connections
  •   Experiencing homesickness


Thai therapists in AustraliaHow to Access Native Thai therapists in Australia?

If you are considering and need to talk it through, we offer a free initial consultation call in order for you to determine whether we are the right fit for you, or simply to answer any questions you may have.