Therapist in Pattaya

Where to Find Therapist in Pattaya

Pattaya is a city located on the east coast on the Gulf of Thailand and it is sometimes particularly difficult to find an experienced therapist in Pattaya itself. At Counselling Thailand, we are privileged to announce our online counselling services in Pattaya. We aspire to help our clients deal with a wide range of issues some of which may include couples counselling,alcohol treatment, anxiety and depression treatment and also Thai and western relationship counselling. Our services are offered on a group and individual basis, with Native English and Thai therapists.

Online therapy is proven to be highly effective, if not more so than traditional therapy methods, with important and unique benefits which make it fit perfectly in today’s society, particularly whilst we are facing a global pandemic. However, for other individuals, traditional counselling is their choice because they haven’t yet experienced the intensive freedom and convenience which comes with online therapy.

We aim for our online platform to work as an alternative for traditional therapy practices in these areas in Thailand such as Pattaya, or for those anywhere around the world who find it to be more accessible. Working with a therapist from Pattaya is private and confidential and provided through the use of the internet, these services are usually offered through email, real-time chat or video conferencing and sometimes a combination of all.

How to Contact Therapist in Thailand Online


Therapist in PattayaSeeking help often requires a lot of strength and courage. We aspire to make individuals more comfortable opening up during online therapy sessions rather than face to face sessions, as they’re able to do this in their own time and from the privacy of their own home.

Our online platforms provide a variety of holistic healing options, through a client-counsellor relationship built upon integrity, unconditional positive regard, empathy and positive connection, we can help clients overcome a great deal of concerns.

Before making any financial commitments to us, we are happy to offer a FREE call and consultation for you to determine if we are the best fit for you. Let’s take the first step in your journey to recovery.