Private and confidential counselling with experienced therapist based in Chiang
Mai in a relaxed environment. Counselling methods include CBT, EFT and Person-centred therapy.


Why Counselling?


Many people have uncertainties or questions when they start thinking about talking with a counsellor. Finding a counsellor in Chiang Mai does not have to be a difficult process, but it does require you to think about what you need, and what works for you. Our ultimate goal is for you to be a healthier person capable of more growth when counselling is done.


Experienced counsellors can provide people with the skills needed to overcome stress, seek support after trauma, as well as provide ongoing support and aftercare post-rehab. If you are thinking that talking with a counsellor in Chiang Mai is right for you please contact us immediately so we can find out how we can help.


There are many reasons that people will seek to talk with a counsellor. Some are obvious reasons, like coping with emotional issues or non-medical aspects of mental wellness. These can be things like coping anxiety and behavioural issues such as OCD. It could also be about learning to cope with physical health or other problems. Acceptance and learning to cope with uncomfortable realities is something that counselling is often used for.


Counselling services in Chiang Mai should be considered immediately if certain things are happening that are affecting your day to day life. Other reasons to seek counselling immediately include putting yourself in more and more dangerous situations or taking more unhealthy risks. If your health and safety are at risk due to the decisions you are making, it is time to seek counselling.


One important thing to remember is that you do not need a serious condition to seek counselling. Whether you are just finding yourself with no motivation, or just giving up on things that used to give you pleasure, if you just feel like you are lost and alone, or if you just want to explore how you can grow and learn more about who you are and who you want to be, then Yim Thai Nana Counselling Services can help you.


What to Look for When Choosing a Counsellor


Counsellors will have various requirements, depending on what country they are in. This includes education, years of experience, as well as continuing education.


Perhaps the most important thing is how the counsellor makes you feel. It may seem like a stereotype, but the truth of the matter is that how you feel about a counsellor plays a large part in how successful the counselling process is. Think about this while talking with them: Do I feel safe and comfortable telling them personal things? Or ask yourself if you feel like they are listening to you. If you feel those two things, it is likely a good match.