Counselling in Phuket

Where to Find Counselling in Phuket

Access counselling in Phuket with one of the leading private counselling practices in Thailand. Our counselling team comprises fully bilingual therapists English and Thai) to help those seeking counselling and therapy services in Phuket.

In addition to face to face counselling in Phuket anyone looking for in-person support groups can access these by visiting the Anglo Info website which is a fantastic resource for local residents and travellers. 

We offer a range of counselling and therapy services including:

Individual Counselling

Available for adults and children of all ages and nationalities. Seeking counselling for the first time can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming. Before making any commitment to counselling or therapy we offer a free initial consultation before making any financial commitment.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, or couples counselling, helps to improve romantic relationships, resolve interpersonal problems, build or rebuild trust, and help partners commit to each other and their relationship.

Much of our couples therapy in Phuket involves Thai / Western and cross-cultural relationships. Each of these presents unique challenges including communication issues (verbal and non-verbal), family issues, and misunderstanding each other’s religious or cultural background. Other problems relating to trust, jealousy, intimacy, infidelity, alcohol abuse, social media and gambling addiction are also common. Our skilled relationship counsellors have extensive experience working with cross-cultural couples and are very familiar with all these issues and the tools and skills to address them.

Teen Counselling

Our Thai and English-speaking counsellors are trained to help teens manage the challenges and successfully navigate their way through this tumultuous time. We believe by doing this at an early stage, we can provide our young clients with a significant advantage for their future. For more information, please visit our Teen Counseling page.

PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a psychological disorder that may develop after an individual has been exposed to or been threatened with a traumatic event. If you are struggling with PTSD, you might find yourself frequently having vivid flashbacks and nightmares, avoiding certain situations which may act as triggers and struggling with constant feelings of anger, sadness and anxiety. For more information please visit our specific PTSD page.

Trauma Therapy

Our Trauma therapy is a specialised form of therapy where our trauma therapists actively assist clients in dealing with the emotional responses caused by traumatic events, they may have experienced or been exposed to.

Research suggests that over 50% of individuals will experience at least one traumatic event through the course of their lives. Trauma can include a variety of situations, these could range from bullying, harassment, sexual assault, accidents, natural disasters, chronic abuse and many more.

Trauma therapy differs from traditional counselling and we offer this via indivudal sessions or via a specific 12 week coping with trauma programme created by one of our trauma specialists Sustriana Saragih (SUS) 


Most people who identify as LGBTQ seek therapy for the same reasons as straight people, this can include anxiety, depression, relationship problems or general difficulty in adjusting to situations. Their sexual preference may be of primary importance or sometimes, of no importance to their issues and reasons for seeking help.

Individual, couples, teen and family counselling. We have both male and female therapists with extensive experience working with LGBTQ clients.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Problem drinking can occur at different levels of severity, from mild to life-threatening. Although alcoholism and alcohol use disorder (AUD) is the most severe stage, there are also less severe drinking problems that can be just as dangerous and harmful to the individual and those around them. It is important to learn more about the different levels of severity before reaching out for help.

We can assist in both alcohol counselling as well as 30 day programmes on both an outpatient or inpatient basis.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD)

These can either present themselves in isolation or all together and can be helped with counselling that is both supportive and therapeutic. More information for each issue can be found on the relevant pages for anxiety and depression.

Can we Access Therapy Online?

With recent restrictions and ongoing concerns for client safety online therapy has grown ever more popular It has been praised for successfully bridging the gap which exists with traditional counselling around issues such as convenience and accessibility.

Many clients actually prefer this medium for a number of reasons listed below.

Benefits of Online Counselling in Phuket


Counselling in PhuketCONFIDENTIALITY: Although any discussions inside the therapy room will be confidential some clients may have concerns about their friends seeing them enter or leave the therapists office or bumping into their therapist in the grocery store or at a social event. Even though reputable counsellors will adhere to strict professional boundaries many clients may still feel uncomfortable in these situations. Online counselling with a counsellor in Bangkok or therapist in Chiang Mai can help alleviate these concerns.

 CONVENIENCE: Online counselling is convenient for both the client and the therapists. We offer our clients the convenience of scheduling sessions according to their preference. Our online platforms also take away from the hassle of scheduling and setting appointments in more traditional settings. We also create the opportunity for our experienced counsellors to extend their services to clients.

ACCESSIBILITY: Our online counselling platform is easily accessible to everyone in and outside of Thailand who wishes to use it. We hope this form of online therapy would overcome barriers which may preclude others from seeking therapy, for example, those residing in rural areas where there are no alternative counselling options, for those who are physically disabled or unable to commute long hours and leave their homes.

Online therapy has also been known to be effective when encouraging the youth to receive therapy as they are more comfortable with using the internet. Anyone who has access to the internet can utilise our online platform at their convenience. 

How to Arrange a Free Initial Consultation

Costs for individual and couples counselling (both in-person and online) can be found on our fees and appointments page. (Unlike many other companies we DO NOT charge extra for couples or family therapy)

Before you make any financial commitment we offer a free 15 minute Zoom video consultation to discuss things further, answer any questions you may have and can arrange a mutually convenient time for first full counselling session.

Please complete our online enquiry form and we will reply within 24 hours.