Thai and Western Relationship Therapy

Thai and Western Relationship Therapy (Couples Counselling)

Our Thai / Western relationship therapy in Chiang Mai along with our couples therapy services in Bangkok will help you to learn how to communicate better and help overcome cultural differences, expectations around financial commitments, family dynamics and other roles and responsibilities.

Successful Cross-cultural & Thai/ Western relationships succeed through learning, accepting and understanding without these then the relationship will give it the best chance of success.

We offer Western-style counselling with bilingual therapists (Thai and English) both in Chiang Mai and Bangkok along with online counselling worldwide.

Reasons Cross-Cultural Couples Seek Therapy?

In a cross-cultural relationship, challenges such as cultural and values differences can cause problems and disagreement in the relationship. Although, the arguments can be provoked by anything, which could be seen as nonsense at times. However, what may appear as the issues at the surface level, could be linked to something much deeper, much more important, and meaningful for one or both of them.


Understanding Each Other’s Culture and Values

Mostly, it all comes down to understanding your partner’s culture. Compromising is something that is very important for both parties. As such, you don’t have to agree on every occasion, but you do have to understand each other’s perspective and point of view. One of the main difficulties in cross-cultural relationships, particularly Thai and Western, is a continued misunderstanding which derives from various sources including the language barrier, age, cultural differences, personal beliefs, habits and many more.

“Common Sense”

Relationships are complex, it can be even more difficult when your partners come from different backgrounds with different ways of understanding and coming to their own solutions. Although it might be hard to accept this, there is simply “no common sense” in the relationship. This is because different cultures value different aspects, and certain values can have different meanings. Factors such as independence, privacy, and equality can all be viewed and exercised differently.  Therefore, it is essential for both parties to be able to compromise for each other and accept some inconveniences from each culture.

What to Expect With Thai and Western Relationship Therapy

We are aware that cross-cultural relationships require a lot of learning, acceptance and understanding. Our experienced therapists will help you to learn how to communicate better and help overcome cultural differences, expectations around financial commitments, family dynamics and other roles and responsibilities. However, we understand that it can be difficult for both parties to agree and be willing to seek help. Hence, we offer an individual counselling session at first, depending on the client’s preference. 

Therapy sessions give the opportunity for a safe space where you and your partner can open up and discuss those challenging conversations both with your partner or just within yourself. Regardless of whatever reasons that make you want to seek therapy, couple counselling can help you navigate the struggling phases to create a relationship where you both can feel comfortable and grateful. 

Here are some of the main objectives of our cross-cultural relationship counselling: 


  • Learn how to communicate better by expressing feelings through speaking and body language.
  • Learn to respect each other’s point of view and choose whether to accept each other’s differences
  • Learn more about roles and responsibilities including financial commitments, family dynamics, misconceptions and expectations.
  • Gain a better understanding of your relationship dynamic
  • Establish or restore trust 
  • Process, accept and resolve the ongoing issues or conflict



Benefits Of Seeking Thai / Western Relationship Therapy (Counselling)

Some clients may find the first therapy session uncomfortable and demanding to start with, which is understandable since any kind of talking therapy or deep expressing of feelings can often be unfamiliar to many people (both verbally and non-verbally.) The important thing to remember when seeking couples therapy in Chiang Mai or relationship counselling in Bangkok is that the therapist is impartial and not there to judge either of you. The therapist is there to help and guide you to have a better understanding of each other and come to terms together in order to have a satisfactory and healthy relationship.

What people often find when they go through the Thai-Western relationship counselling is that they learn to become more open and willing to talk with their partner. While there may still be arguments and disagreements which all relationships will have at some point, there is something different about how things turn out in the end. There won’t be those same hurt feelings or grudges; instead, there will be more discussion, where both of you are able to work things out and come to a resolution.

How to Access Our Thai/Western Relationship Counselling?

If you feel like you or your partner need some extra support and guidance to rebuild/resolve your relationship, please do not hesitate to contact us. For our counselling services, our experienced therapists offer in both Thai and English language. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that our services can be easily accessed by all of our clients, globally. Therefore, we now offer online therapy, so regardless of where you or your partner is located we make sure that we can still provide the help that you need. 

Additionally, we offer a FREE initial consultation without obligation or financial commitment. Please contact us via our online enquiry form so we can further discuss on whether we are the perfect fit for you and will be more than happy to assist