Find an Experienced Chinese Counselor in Los Angeles for under 80 USD per hour


Now with increased accessibility at affordable rates we now offer online services for anyone looking for a Chinese counselor in Los Angeles for help and support in Mandarin language.

Living in a foreign country can be daunting for many individuals, especially amidst a global pandemic and it is completely natural to want to communicate your daily concerns and uncertainties with someone who can understand you and whom you can trust.

That being said, for native Chinese residents living in Los Angeles, it is not always easy to find a suitable therapist to fit all their needs. We offer our Chinese counseling services to adults, teens, children, couples and families with female bilingual Chinese counselor.

Yee Pui Kuan, Jun

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Work with: Individuals, Couples, Teens & Adolescents

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Online

Language Spoken: Mandarin (Native), English (Fluent), Cantonese (Conversational)


Master of Clinical Psychology, Bachelor of Psychology

Registered with Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP): CP1-0321


Jun is a certified clinical psychologist in Malaysia and currently practicing on a freelance basis. She has completed her clinical training in variety of settings including NGO, private center, and refugees’ educational institution. She works with youth and adults of all ages, specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression, grief & loss, stress-reduction and mindfulness. She is highly passionate in providing a safe and accepting space to build a trusting relationship with clients and help them understand themselves, find the strength to make necessary changes and live a more meaningful life. Jun is flexible and creative in her therapy approach where she apply techniques from a variety of approaches including ACT, CBT, Person-centered, mindfulness-based approaches to best fit her clients’ needs.

Yee Pui Kuan, Jun(俞佩君)

辅导员 & 心理治疗师







注册于马来西亚临床心理学协会 (MSCP): CP1-0321


佩君是马来西亚的认证临床心理学家,目前以自由职业者的身份执业。她在各种设定完成了临床培训,其中包括非政府组织、私人中心和难民教育机构。她的个案对象包含各个年龄段的年轻人和成年人,专业于创伤、焦虑、抑郁、悲伤和失落、减压和正念。她非常热衷于提供一个安全与接纳的空间,与客户建立信任关系,帮助他们了解自己,找到力量做出必要改变,以过上更有意义的生活。 佩君的治疗方法灵活而富有创意,她运用各种方法的技术,包括 ACT、CBT、以人为本、基于正念的方法,以最好地满足个案的需求。

Benefits of Working a Chinese Speaking Counselor (辅导) in Los Angeles?


Our decision to expand our counseling services for clients looking for a Mandarin Chinese speaking counselor in Los Angeles stems from several inquiries via our website and also personal recommendations from our clients. 

Some websites indicate there are 528,248 Chinese nationals residing in Los Angeles alone, With our native Chinese counselors, we aim to provide bilingual counseling services at affordable prices and with increased accessibility to those who require it the most.

We deeply understand the importance of being able to be transparent and open with someone who you can trust entirely and not hesitate when speaking to. Below are some other reasons why clients may seek a native Chinese counselor in Los Angeles.


Interracial couples therapy: One partner may be English speaking while the other may be able to communicate better in their native language.

Lack of friends and social connections: They may be lacking relevant social connections and relationships due to cultural differences and language barriers.

Language barriers: It can often be hard to communicate in a language you are not familiar with and often make you feel frustrated.

Cultural differences: It may be harder to communicate your issues to a therapist you feel is unable to relate to you and your culture.

Lacking a sense of community: It may be harder to make and maintain friends when you are unable to communicate effectively in the local dialect. Therefore oftentimes, ex-pats may feel very alone.

They may feel homesick: Clients may feel homesick and attending therapy in their mother tongue can be extremely advantageous.

Loneliness: They simply feel lonely without having formed relationships and social connections, therefore need to speak with someone who will understand them entirely and with whom they are able to be themselves entirely.


Some other advantages of seeking counseling in Los Angeles in your own native Mandarin language include:


Speaking your mother tongue: Speaking in your mother tongue or childhood dialect has proven to have a profound ability and power to access your early years and childhood.

You can access different parts of yourself: When speaking in your mother tongue, you are better able to communicate and connect with someone entirely, which allows for a more transparent and authentic therapeutic relationship.

Makes you feel more understood: Several clients have previously voiced feeling deeply understood when given the opportunity to speak to a therapist in their own mother tongue. Not having to constantly stress and worry about mistranslating, mispronouncing or which word fits where helps to focus on the real problem at hand.

It can make you feel empowered: Having to speak a language that isn’t your first language can be frustrating and you can often feel at a huge disadvantage from others around you, constantly making you doubt yourself. Being able to speak in your mother tongue may allow you to feel more empowered in your language and culture as a whole.

Benefits of Online Therapy for Chinese Speaking Clients Seeking a Native Chinese Therapist (辅导) in Los Angeles


Historically, in order to attend traditional therapy and counseling sessions, it was necessary for clients and therapists to be present together in a physical setting, communicating face to face. While traditional therapy is still prevalent, online therapy has been gaining immense traction and, slowly but surely becoming a modern alternative to traditional therapy.

With the digital age being on the rise and with the help of online therapy, clients are now able to carry out their therapy sessions without leaving the comfort of their own homes and all they really require is a reliable internet connection.


Let us have a look at some advantages for online counseling in Los Angeles:


  • Convenience and affordability
  • Increased access to suitable therapists globally
  • Clients feel more autonomous
  • Confidentiality
  • More consistent counseling

Where to Find Chinese Counselors (辅导) in Los Angeles?


Although there are some resources that provide direct access to native Chinese counselors in Los Angeles. One major deterrent for many is the cost. For this reason we have received several enquiries regarding expanding our counselling services online for both individual and couples counselling. We have native Chinese counselors on our counseling team who are ready to help you at any given time.

Our aim is to provide our clients with native Chinese counseling services for those who require it most, at more affordable prices and with increased accessibility, regardless of their current geographical location.


Session Duration and Costs for Working with Chinese Counselor (辅导) in Los Angeles


Our recommended session duration for individuals is 90 or 120 minutes and the cost of our online counseling with Chinese speaking counselor are significantly lower that many private practices in Los Angeles.

Our costs are as follows 

60 minute session  –  80 USD

90 minute session –  110 USD

120 minute session –  140 USD

International payment methods include international bank transfer, TransferWise and PayPal.

How to Arrange Free Initial Consultation

Before you make any financial commitment we offer a free 15 minute Zoom video call consultation to discuss things further, answer any questions you may have and can arrange a mutually convenient time for first full counselling session.

Please complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.