Anusara Wright (Cindy) 

Individual, Couples, and Family therapist

Location: Bangkok and Online

Languages spoken: Fluent English and Thai


Cindy has been providing therapy services to a diverse population that includes adolescents, teens, and adults from various countries. Cindy is a Thai native who moved to the United States to obtain a degree in Psychology and Counseling and practice counselling. She has been providing therapy services in the US and has moved back to expand her therapy services here in Thailand. She currently works as a freelance online counsellor. Cindy is experienced with providing evidenced based techniques through CBT, Mindfulness skills, and motivational interviewing skills to help clients who battle a range of issues to include but not limited to, depression, PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, loss and bereavement. Cindy will listen empathically while providing a safe environment for clients to build a trusting relationship with the clients. In addition, Cindy helps clients to identify their strengths while challenging any negative thoughts and beliefs and encouraging clients to reframe their thoughts and beliefs into positive thinking. Cindy works closely with clients to help clients find meaning in their life, stress reduction, communicate effectively with others, and build self-esteem.