Female Therapists Bangkok

Female Therapists Bangkok

Profiles for all our bilingual female therapists in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and online can be viewed on our counselling team page. Therapy services are available in Thai, English, Mandarin, Malay and Indonesian. While seeking therapy is becoming increasingly common in our society today, it is not always easy to find a suitable therapist for all your needs. However, this should never be a reason to shy away from receiving the help you require and deserve. With most individuals who are struggling with issues, having someone with whom you can communicate openly and honestly without judgement can be hugely beneficial. Simply knowing there is someone there to listen and help you process your feelings and emotions can help individuals begin to put things into perspective.

Benefits of Seeking Therapy in Bangkok with a Female Therapist


The process of therapy is much like an educational experience. Individuals are able to learn more about themselves while also learning and acquiring relevant skills. Let’s take a look at some examples of what can be gained from speaking with our qualified female therapists in Bangkok:


  • Improved interpersonal skills and communication skills.
  • Higher sense of self-esteem and self-acceptance.
  • Increased confidence and decision-making skills.
  • Relief from anxiety and depression or other underlying conditions.
  • Increased ability to manage stress effectively.
  • Improved conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.
  • Greater sense of self.
  • Recognizing unhealthy thought patterns.
  • Developing healthier coping mechanisms.

What We Can Offer

Our experienced and multilingual female therapists in Bangkok offer services for a range of problems. Some of the common issues we have immense experience in dealing with include:


Why Choose a Female Therapist in Bangkok

Oftentimes, clients’ fears about therapy may revolve around the therapist themselves or the development of a successful, healthy and long-lasting relationship. It is very common to have these worries and confusion.

Finding the right therapist for you is solely about matching and connecting with someone you will feel comfortable pursuing therapy with, and for some clients, this may mean someone of a specific gender. Some clients may feel more at ease discussing personal issues with someone they are able to feel comfortable with and relate to entirely.

There are several reasons why someone may prefer to choose a female therapist in Bangkok. Firstly, they may simply feel more comfortable speaking about their vulnerable thoughts with someone who shares certain experiences in common with them. Some more examples of topics preferably discussed with female therapists include:


Female Therapists Bangkok

Someone who has shared a similar life experience may also further empathise with the client, helping them feel more comfortable with the whole therapeutic process.

While all our therapists are trained to be sensitive to all identities and needs, sometimes it is just a question of our client’s preference which is our number one priority at all times.

Common Misconceptions About Seeing a Therapist 

Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions about seeing and working with a therapist

  • Something has to be seriously wrong to reach out for help: This is unfortunately still one of the biggest misconceptions about counselling. It is crucial to keep in mind there are no criteria when seeking help and there need not be a clinical diagnosis.
  • If I ignore the problem, it may go away on its own: This is another common misconception people have when it comes to seeking help. More often than not, letting the problem fester only creates more problems. Seeking help at an early stage is crucial in better managing problems.
  • People may look down on me for seeking help: This is a very relevant misconception about seeking help and we work very hard to combat this stigma on a day to day basis. There is no shame in seeking help for issues that are taking over your life in the most negative of ways.
  • I can just talk to my friends instead: While we always encourage a strong support system between family and friends, there may be some issues which are best to gain a professional opinion on. Additionally, although counselling consists of a lot of talking, our trained and qualified therapists also actively work on helping clients feel empowered and developing healthier habits and patterns.
  • If I seek help, I will have to keep going to a therapist for a long time: Our goal as therapists is always to get you back on track in a healthy and timely manner. While some individuals may require long-term treatment in order to tackle their issues, others may just need a few months.
How To Access Female Therapists In Bangkok?

With most individuals who may be struggling with issues in their lives, having someone with who you can communicate transparently and without judgement can be extremely helpful. Simply knowing there is someone there to listen and understand you can help clients take a step in the right direction.

It is extremely important never to look over any signs and symptoms or think perhaps they may subside on their own. If you feel you or anyone around you could benefit from reaching out for help, do not hesitate to contact us via our website. By not seeking help at the right time, individuals may open themselves to the possibility of letting a serious condition become even worse.

Our fees range from 60-minute sessions at 2,675 THB to 90-minute sessions at 3,745 THB. We work with many overseas Clients via Online Counselling so can provide international payment options. 

To find out whether our qualified female therapists in Bangkok are the best fit for you and your specific needs, we offer a free of charge consultation call before making any other commitments to us.