Intervention Services Thailand

What exactly is an Intervention?

By definition, the word intervention derives from the Latin word intervenire which means to interrupt or come between.

When it comes to individual counselling or family therapy work the purpose of the counsellor is to interject in order to stop, change or makes improvements towards behavioural change.

Friends and family may have tried to reason with the individual or each other but often without success, therefore, accept that they cannot succeed on their own and seek help from a professional and experienced interventionist in Thailand.

What Intervention services do we offer?

The majority of our clients are families looking for an addictions interventionist in Thailand which often can include substance or alcohol abuse often following a relapse. Many rehabs in Thailand may offer intervention services but this will usually be carried out by a staff member of that particular rehab.

The main advantage of using an independent interventionist in Thailand is that none of our staff are directly employed by any single rehab facility so we will liaise with the family with regards to what is best for the individual client’s needs. This may include assisting the client into a treatment facility in Thailand as well as a sober escort service back to their country of origin.


Where to find an Interventionist in Thailand – South East Asia

Brett Thornton is an experienced interventionist living and working in Thailand. Brett has successfully carried out interventions for both private clients and licensed rehabs in Thailand.

We offer predominantly addiction interventions in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Pattaya as these are the most common cities in Thailand where problems arise however we can travel to many other cities and countries by request.

Please note that we are not a hospital or an addictions treatment centre so cannot give advice for any mental health or Psychiatry services.

If you are looking for an alcohol rehab or addictions treatment centre in Thailand we would recommend you visit Thailand Rehab Reviews.

Our role and duty of care with through our professional counsellors and interventionist network is to offer emotional support to all those involved and refer clients if necessary to an appropriately licensed alcohol or drug rehab, hospital or psychiatry services licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

If you are a professional organisation looking for an experienced interventionist then please contact us.

Please note we will only work for and refer clients to organisations that are licensed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health