Person-Centered Therapy in Chiang Mai

What Is Person-Centered Therapy in Chiang Mai?

There are many different forms of therapy that your counsellor can employ. All will have their strengths and weaknesses, and make work better for one situation or another. At Counselling Thailand one of the forms of treatment that we use for counselling in both Chiang Mai and online is called person-centered Therapy(Person-Centred Therapy In Chiang Mai) first originated in the 1940s and is the work mainly of Carl Rogers, a renowned and influential therapist. Rogers believed that with the right conditions, people will naturally do what is healthy and leads towards personal growth.

In person-centered therapy, the relationship between the counsellor and the client is the most important thing. While the focus is always on the client, what the counsellor does and how they act are in many ways just as important.

Some of the attitudes that purvey a person-centered approach including having unconditional positive regard for the client. They are, after all, a person deserving of respect and regard like anyone. Also, a therapist (in Chiang Mai) needs to be transparent, and be honest and open with the client. That does not mean they will share everything about themselves, but they will be clear about their thoughts on the client and their situation. Finally, a therapist will empathise, and seek to understand the client thoroughly, as if they were the client themselves.

This type of approach also means that the client’s goals and desires are what drive the counselling. It’s assumed they know what is best for them and will move towards growth naturally. So the client will be the guiding force here with the counsellor providing reflection and review of where they are at.

Areas Where Person-Centered Therapy Can Help

Person-centred Counselling or therapy has been demonstrated to help a wide array of situations and problems. Some of its components are considered to be fundamental to any counselling, regardless of the theory or therapy used.

Some areas that you may want to consider a person-centered therapist, may include anxiety and mood disorders such as mild to moderate depression. People will feel down and sad some days, that’s natural. But if this continues for weeks and is interfering with your life, it’s time to seek help. Using a person-centered approach the focus is on you and what you think needs to change. The counsellor is there to help you accomplish that with the understanding that it will help alleviate the depression.

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People suffering from mental, physical or substance abuse or those specifically looking for an alcohol counsellor would benefit from a person-centered approach as well. Having someone be empathetic and treat you with unconditional positive regard are things that can allow for a great deal of honesty and change and growth. It is often a rare occurrence that someone with a substance abuse problem gets those two things.

If you are looking for personal growth and a desire to improve yourself mentally and emotionally, this is also a good form of therapy. It is a strong overall perspective and form of treatment, so anyone seeking to understand themselves better, improve their relationships, and grow as a person should seek this out.

Benefits of Person-Centered Therapy Chiang Mai

There are many benefits to using this form of alternative therapy. It has been around for so long because it is effective and research backs this up. Clients will report feeling better and an improvement in symptoms of mental health problems just by being heard and listened to in this very specific way.

It is designed to give people the motivation and the confidence to make the decisions that they know are best for them. Person-centered therapy is also excellent at helping people grow and develop as human beings. This is called self-actualization. Given the right tools and the right environment, a person will naturally want to grow and self-actualize. Person-centred approaches give you every opportunity to do just that.

Person-centered therapy also has a positive impact on mood and concerns around emotional well being as well and has proven extremely successful for those struggling with anxiety. It provides people with the opportunity to explore their emotions, understand them and where they come from, and to work through them in healthier and more appropriate ways. This just naturally lends itself to growth and improvement across all areas of human experience.

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Where to Find a Person-Centered Therapist in Thailand

It may not be as easy as you think to find a person-centered therapist in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is simply because a lot of the person-centred approach is and has been utilised or combined in other therapy modalities.

Finding someone that can use a dedicated person-centred approach will provide the best experience and give you the best chance to overcome certain struggles, and learn and grow as a person. If you are considering counselling, you may want to ask your counsellor if they use a person-centered approach and if they feel that would be most appropriate for you and your needs.

At Counselling Thailand – Chiang Mai we provide person-centered counselling to you to meet a variety of your needs. Please click here to contact us to discuss how we may best help you.