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Psychologist in Bangkok for Counselling in Thai and English

Finding either a Native Thai or English speaking psychologist in Bangkok is crucial if you seek professional insight into any underlying problems or disorders that may prevent you from living, enjoying, and getting the most out of your life. Counselling Thailand is a private practice that provides high-quality counselling and therapeutic services based on evidence-based, collaborative, and holistic approaches to provide solutions to any distress in our clients’ lives. In many cases, realising that one needs to seek help can be difficult.

You may have reservations about confronting some problems or issues you have held for some time. The truth is; many people in and around Bangkok have experienced and continue to experience the numerous benefits of counselling and therapy services. At Counselling Thailand, we are here to help through our comprehensive counselling psychology services in Bangkok and online.

Psychology Services in Bangkok 

Today, more so than any other time, we understand that taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing is equally as important as caring for your physical health. This crucial understanding drives our goal to make professional counselling and therapy accessible, convenient, and affordable. Our counselling psychologists in Bangkok aim to work with you in a comfortable setting to identify, analyse and develop long-term solutions to some of your most distressing problems or experiences.

Child Psychologist

Our child psychologist Bangkok services have been thoughtfully developed to help children make better sense of what’s happening in their minds and lives in a manner they can understand. Child counselling and therapy focuses on young children and adolescents going through one or more mental or emotional issues. It aims to provide professional aid to children who have experienced trauma or are experiencing stressful or dysfunctional environments at home or school.

Many of the problems children face are similar to the one’s adults face in everyday life, including grief, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and low-self-esteem. However, many children find it difficult to fully process the complex aspects that accompany any psychological or emotional issues they may be facing. Child or teen counselling with an experienced counselling psychologist could be just what a child needs to achieve mental wellness and wholeness.

Often, children’s issues may not be visible to the ones closest to them. This is where our child psychologist services come in.

Some issues relating to a child’s psychological, emotional, and social experiences and development include:

● Low mood, depression, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder
● Psychological distress – trauma, abuse, family substance abuse, or addiction.
● Adjustment issues include losing a loved one, divorce, bullying, grief, and family, school, or home environment changes.
English Speaking Psychologists in Bangkok

Finding an English-speaking psychologist in Bangkok with a western approach to counselling and psychotherapy can be difficult. At Counselling Thailand we are extremely privileged to have such a loyal, ethical and caring team of counsellors, therapists and psychologists in both Bangkok, Chiang Mai and online.

Since establishing ourselves in 2018 we have grown our team in experience, numbers, expertise, and multilingualism. We work with individuals, families, children, and couples in Bangkok who may not have access to local English-speaking counsellors and counselling psychologists. We provide professional counselling and therapy services in various languages, including English, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Korean. You may be an expatriate, visitor or have relocated to Bangkok and having access to counselling and therapy services in your first language can be extremely advantageous.

All of our counselling psychologists have extensive experience working with people who live or work internationally. We understand the pleasures and demands of living in a foreign country and culture. If you seek the services of an English-speaking psychologist in Bangkok, Counselling Thailand can help.

Thai Speaking Psychologist in Bangkok

In our experience, undergoing therapy in your native language can be significantly effective than doing it in a second language. Many studies have confirmed this interesting detail. We understand that when therapy happens in your native language, it is much easier to fully express your story, complete with culturally bound details and emotions.
We offer options to those seeking well-trained and experienced Thai-speaking therapists. Our compassionate psychotherapists and counsellors work with both adults, children, teens and families to address many problems, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, maintaining sobriety, marital issues, family dynamics, and work-related issues. We are fully committed to offering reliable and professional counselling and therapy services in the language that feels most comfortable to you.

Couples Therapy

A healthy and happy relationship can be a source of joy and accomplishment and help you through many stressful times in life. On the other hand, a troubled relationship can be among the most distressing experiences. One of the core services at Counselling Thailand is offering client-centered counselling and therapy for new, long-term, engaged, or married couples.

A common misconception is that couples therapy is only for troubled relationships. Undergoing counselling with your partner will go a long way in helping your relationships become healthier. Counselling Thailand aims to make couples therapy in Bangkok more accessible than ever. Our highly-trained, experienced and compassionate therapists will help you and your partner work on various issues, including communication, disagreements over finances, intimacy struggles, past issues, and relationship dynamics.

We aim to provide couples with valuable skills that can help them develop a strong, healthy, happy, and loving relationship. These include problem-solving, conflict resolution, processing underlying anger and pain, trust-building, and recognizing patterns, beliefs, and habits. Our goal is to ensure that couples in Bangkok benefit from better communication, work through intimacy, identify power struggles and understand each other better so that they are well-placed to work through any relationship.

Family Psychologists

The family is the primary foundation for development, attachment, and learning for individuals as they enter the world. We look to help address the psychological, emotional, and behavioural issues that often cause problems for many families in Bangkok.

We work with families to identify problems and create effective approaches that benefit the family and the individual members within it. If any members of your family are experiencing one or more of the following problems, you could benefit immensely from our Bangkok counselling services:

● Difficulties expressing emotions or communicating
● Sibling conflicts
● Marital problems
● Inconsistent parenting
● Dealing with issues such as divorce, loss, illness, or abuse within the family
● Difficulties adapting to major life changes

Our family therapy services aim to help families improve communication, develop healthy relationships and boundaries, define familial roles, improve dynamics, address dysfunctional interactions and improve problem-solving abilities. Family therapy also effectively addresses issues facing children, adolescents, and teens within a family.

Online Psychologist Within Thailand and Internationally

The way we communicate has drastically changed in this era, with most of the connections being via the internet. The advantage of combining technology and therapy is that you can stay connected to your therapist. You should be comfortable to converse with your therapist in an environment that suits you best. If through the internet is the most decent and natural way to do so, you should be able to do that.
At Counselling Thailand, we facilitate online therapy catered to your own convenience as well as schedule. Our online counselling and therapy platforms offer live video sessions as a way to connect further with your therapist. No matter where you are, you can always access our online counselling services. A therapist from Counselling Thailand is only a few clips and taps away if convenience matters to you.

Overall, choosing to enlist counselling and therapy services can help you develop the tools and build the mental aptitude to overcome life’s everyday difficulties and take control of your thought processes, emotions, and behaviours. Counselling Thailand is here to help you. Our team is dedicated, committed, and always happy to help our clients adopt and put into effect agreed therapeutic goals and individual a self-care plan. Our mission is to help you master the necessary skills and healthy coping mechanisms to deal with life’s adversities.

Are you or your loved ones struggling with a major problem or issue affecting your ability to enjoy life and feel like you may need professional help? Do you seek to develop vital skills to help you cope better with whatever life throws at you?

If so, feel free to Contact Counselling Thailand via our online enquiry form to arrange a free 15-minute consultation or learn more about our counselling psychology and therapy services.