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Online Therapy with Vietnamese Speaking Therapist in the US, Canada & Internationally

Looking for a Vietnamese speaking therapist in the US, Canada or online internationally? Counselling Thailand offers online therapy in English, Thai and Vietnamese across all time zones within the United States, Canada and worldwide. 

According to relevant sources, there are currently over 1.7 million native Vietnamese speakers currently residing in the U.S with over 600,000 in California alone. 

Online research also suggests there are over 200,000 native Vietnamese speakers living in Canada and over 300,000 living in Australia.

Our experienced Vietnamese therapist offers therapy in both English and Vietnamese language, depending on the client’s preference. 

The average cost of therapy in the US and Canada ranges between 100 and 200 USD per 45 / 50 minute session, whereas our prices are 2675 THB (Approx. 83 USD) for a 60-minute session and 3745 THB (Approx. 115 USD) for a 90-minute session with no extra charge for couples therapy.

The Demand for Online Therapy with Vietnamese-Speaking Therapists

With a growing Vietnamese population in the United States and Canada the demand for culturally sensitive therapy in the Vietnamese language has also risen.

Online therapy gained popularity as a new societal norm during the pandemic due to various factors:

Social Constraints and Lockdowns: The COVID-19 situation mandated physical distancing and, in some cases, stringent lockdowns. This made traditional in person / face-to-face therapy difficult or impossible. Online therapy emerged as a feasible alternative, enabling individuals to access mental health support safely.

Seamless Care Continuity: Individuals already undergoing therapy pre-pandemic found online sessions crucial in maintaining the progress made. Disrupting therapy could have had adverse effects on their mental well-being. Online therapy ensured a smooth transition and uninterrupted care.

Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience: Online therapy improved access for those facing barriers to conventional in-person sessions. People in remote areas, those with mobility limitations, or lacking reliable transport benefited from the convenience. Online therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals and couples who might lack access to Vietnamese-speaking therapists in their vicinity.

Diminished Stigma: The pandemic spotlighted mental health importance reducing the stigma around seeking therapy, irrespective of online or in-person. Attitudes evolved, fostering acceptance of online therapeutic practices.

Technological Strides: Progress in telehealth technology facilitated effective online sessions. Advanced video conferencing and secure communication tools upheld session quality, even remotely.

Flexible Scheduling: Online therapy offered flexibility in session scheduling. Disrupted routines during the pandemic made integrating therapy easier within daily life.

Positive Experiences: Feedback from many clients past and current was that attending therapy sessions in the comfort of their own home allowed them to feel more at ease and present.

Remember that while online counselling offers numerous advantages, it may not be suitable for everyone or every type of mental health concern. It’s essential to consider individual preferences and circumstances when choosing between online counseling and traditional in-person therapy.

Individual Therapy – Adults, Children, Teens & Adolescents

Individual therapy offers a tailored approach to comprehending and tackling psychological and emotional challenges. For Vietnamese-speaking individuals, this can serve as an avenue to explore their unique experiences within the framework of cultural pressures and identity. Whether grappling with anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, or simply striving for personal growth, collaborating with a therapist who comprehends the cultural context can lead to more profound insights and effective coping mechanisms.

Cross-Cultural Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling:

Couples hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds often encounter distinctive challenges stemming from disparities in values, communication styles, and familial expectations. Vietnamese-speaking therapists experienced working with cross-cultural couples can steer partners through these challenges, nurturing understanding, empathy, and efficacious communication. This mode of therapy can be particularly enlightening for both Westerners and Vietnamese individuals, as it encourages them to navigate their differences while reinforcing their bond.

Support Groups and Local Vietnamese Communities

In addition to online therapy, we highly recommend all of our Vietnamese clients living abroad research available resources within their local area. These can include one or more of the following:


The Vietnamese American Organization (VAO) – A valuable resource located in San Jose, California with a strong emphasis on community outreach, integration and communal engagement. 

Vietnamese American Services (VAS) – A nonprofit organization with many benefits such as English and Citizenship classes , assistance with health care, immigration, translation, tax filing and much more. 


Vietnamese Canadian Federation – Non profit, non professional organization  located in Ottawa, Ontario bringing Vietnamese communities together throughout Canada.

Social Media and Online Communities 

Vietnamese Culture Groups


Facebook Groups


How to Access Vietnamese Therapists at Affordable rates

At Counselling Thailand, we understand the importance of providing accessible and culturally sensitive support for Vietnamese individuals living abroad at affordable rates.

The average cost of therapy in the US and Canada ranges between 100 and 200 USD per 45 / 50 minute session, whereas our prices are 2675 THB (Approx. 83 USD) for a 60-minute session and 3745 THB (Approx. 115 USD) for a 90-minute session with no extra charge for couples therapy.

Free Initial Consultation

At Counselling Thailand, we are committed to providing the highest standard of online counselling services, ensuring accessibility, convenience, and personalised support. 

To arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation, simply complete our online enquiry form. Please include your city location so we can suggest suitable times convenient for your time zone. We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your therapy needs, and this initial consultation allows us to discuss your concerns further, answer any questions you may have, and mutually determine a suitable time for your first full therapy session.