AA Meetings Bangkok and Alternatives for Alcoholism or Problem Drinking

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international mutual aid 12 step fellowship that offers AA meetings in Bangkok seven days a week helping those struggling with alcohol problems quit drinking and help people stay sober. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Bangkok allows individuals to come together, talk through their problems, share their experiences, recover from alcoholism and maintain sobriety.

If you are attending your first AA meeting, it means you have already taken the first crucial step on the road to recovery. Not only does it mean you are strong enough to make a real effort to put drinking behind you, but it also shows you have acknowledged and accepted you may need help and support along the journey to sobriety. It is natural to be hesitant and nervous when you first begin, but AA meetings are designed to be supportive as you voice your experiences amongst individuals who have one thing in common with you: the desire to stop drinking.

A full Bangkok meetings list can be found by visiting the AA meetings Bangkok website.

Is AA the Right Option for me?

Deciding whether Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is right for you involves considering various factors, including your relationship with alcohol, your willingness to engage in a twelve-step program, and your comfort level with group support. AA has been a cornerstone of addiction recovery for almost 90 years, offering a structured approach to overcoming alcohol dependency through mutual support and spiritual principles.

One of the primary considerations in determining if AA is suitable for you is your acknowledgment of a problem with alcohol. If you find that your drinking habits have become unmanageable, leading to negative consequences in various aspects of your life, AA may offer a supportive environment for addressing these issues. The program encourages individuals to admit powerlessness over alcohol and to seek help from a higher power or the collective wisdom of the group.

Another aspect to weigh is your openness to the twelve-step philosophy. AA’s approach revolves around admitting faults, making amends, and seeking spiritual guidance to achieve sobriety. If you’re receptive to these principles and willing to actively engage in self-reflection and personal growth, AA could provide a beneficial framework for your recovery journey.

Additionally, your comfort level with group support is crucial. AA meetings typically involve sharing experiences, struggles, and triumphs with fellow members who understand the challenges of alcohol addiction firsthand. If you find solace and encouragement in connecting with others who share similar experiences, AA meetings can offer a sense of camaraderie and belonging that reinforces your commitment to sobriety.

What are the Alternatives for AA Meetings in Bangkok?

Whilst it is proven and publicly stated that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the most successful method for achieving total abstinence some not everyone who has a problem with alcohol seeks total abstinence or will struggle getting sober in their current living environment / social circle.

Such alternatives and additional resources include:

Alcohol Counselling: Substance Abuse is more than a dependence on alcohol or drugs, which leaves people at high risk for relapses. Many psychological and social factors can be extreme triggers when it comes to relapse. Alcohol counselling aims to help curb mental cravings and, in some cases, obsessions as well as managing the obstacles of life without relying on substances to do so. Counselling is seen as a mainstay for many individuals. Therapy provided by us can also help treat other issues such as anxiety and depression which often come hand-in-hand and play a major role in substance abuse.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs: Although AA is an extremely valuable resource for help and support with alcoholism there are instances where professional help may be necessary, particularly if there are consistent relapses or alcohol detox is required. There are many rehab options in Thailand including 12 Step Rehabs, Non 12 Step, CBT & 12 Step combined and Thai government detox. 

We work on a consultancy basis for many reputable rehabs and specialise in pre rehab support and post rehab aftercare. Rehabs in Thailand are significantly cheaper than those in the West and many see the immense value of the 12 steps and include elements of the 12 steps in their treatment programme along with regular AA meetings both on-site and off-site.


More information about Thai alcohol rehabs can be found by visiting our dedicated page Alcohol Rehabs in Thailand which will be able to provide the most updated information for both government and private options.


Individual Alcohol Recovery Programme: A tailored intensive stop drinking programme created by Counselling Thailand’s main director Brett Thornton who has both professional and personal experience recovering from alcoholism with over 12 years of continuous sobriety. The programme comprises psychoeducation, counselling, CBT, relapse prevention, recovery planning and much more. This can be facilitated in person or online. Due to the amount of work involved availability is limited. In addition to telephone assessment clients will be interviewed to ascertain their commitment.

How to Access Help

At Counselling Thailand, we are not affiliated with AA directly and are in no way associated with them. To preserve the utmost integrity of the AA programme and maintain the fundamental spiritual aim, AA does not support groups or endorse outside organisations and causes. However, as an entirely separate entity, we encourage those who need help to reach out in whatever way they feel comfortable with. Links to access local Bangkok meetings have been listed above and details for all other meetings can be found on our dedicated AA meetings in Thailand page and online meetings are also available.

Our team can help connect you with relevant resources and provide you with professional treatment and the support you require to achieve your goals towards sobriety.

Contact us today and let us help you to find a treatment plan best fit for your needs, which will help you attain your long-term recovery and sobriety goals.

*Disclaimer: Our Company Counselling Thailand have no direct affiliation to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or any other 12 step organisation and neither them to us in accordance with their traditions. If any representative from AA World Services wishes to contact us regarding any aspect of the content on our site please do so and we will be more than happy to discuss further. Our intention is not to breach any AA Traditions but to provide anyone looking for help with alcoholism or problem drinking free / donation-based services as a complementary or alternative resource to professional counselling services.