AA Meetings Chiang Mai & Alternative Resources

AA Meetings in Chiang Mai offer individuals the opportunity to come together and share their unique experiences, recover from alcoholism and maintain their sobriety.

Founded in 1935, AA (AKA) Alcoholics Anonymous is the world’s oldest and most widely recognised mutual help organisation. Its millions of members make it the most popular method of treatment for alcoholism, and it has also done the job of inspiring many imitators, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Today AA is a global organisation that is dedicated to helping individuals worldwide achieve and maintain their goals of sobriety, using a series of graduated steps and also regular meetings. In some cases, the AA Chiang Mai programme may not be as effective when compared to traditional therapy when used on its own, and in other cases, it acts as an excellent complement to the other forms of alternative treatments. Those wishing to seek help through AA do so at no cost, and with the cost of treatment being a primary barrier for most individuals, the AA programme can offer a life-line of support to those who require it the most.

What are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism?

There can be various warning signs which help us to detect potential alcohol abuse. While most signs are recognisable, some may be more difficult to identify. The severity of alcohol abuse also plays a major role when looking at the warning signs one exhibits. This can make it particularly challenging for loved ones to intervene and support.


AA Chiang Mai

Some of the symptoms include:

➢ Strong cravings and urges to drink alcohol.

➢ Continuing to drink even when it’s causing social, physical and interpersonal problems.

➢ Failing to fulfil responsibilities due to repeated alcohol usage.

➢ Developing a tolerance, so you may need more to feel its effects.

➢ Experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

➢ Exhibiting signs of extreme mood swings and irritability.

➢ Making excuses to drink- such as to deal with amounting stress or relax.

➢ Becoming isolated and distant from others.

➢ Having memory loss problems or blackouts more frequently.

The Dangers of Alcoholism

Abusing alcohol can certainly lead to an array of problems, which could affect your personal and also your professional life. Prolonged exposure to alcohol puts you at significant risk for developing severe health conditions and can also cause other concerning consequences.

Denial is one of the primary reasons why millions of individuals do not receive treatment when it comes to alcoholism. Many individuals will also try to rationalise their drinking

behaviours, and blame other circumstances for their drinking. Rather than acknowledging the issues experienced because of alcohol, individuals may also become more defensive when confronted about excessive drinking behaviours. However, at Counselling Thailand, we are dedicated to helping you stop making excuses for your drinking and help guide you toward a more fulfilling life.

What are the Alternatives To AA meetings in Chiang Mai?

While recognising the accomplishments of AA, there are also different options depending on the individual. Alcohol dependency usually requires individualised treatments that address symptoms and potential underlying causes. At Counselling Thailand, we focus on therapy as an alternative. We offer many types of therapy that can be accessed via alcohol counselling or our very own 30 and 60 day individualised alcohol recovery program available either in person in Chiang Mai or online. These include:

➢ Addiction Treatment: This form of treatment typically consists of a combination of group and individual alcohol counselling sessions, both of which we offer which emphasise the recovery skills needed to maintain sobriety as well as how to navigate other emotional turmoil without depending on substances. Behavioural therapy is usually the most utilised treatment during rehabilitation from alcohol.

➢  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( CBT ): We help individuals use CBT techniques to learn to recognise and also change their maladaptive behaviours. CBT is effective when helping people with coping mechanisms, identifying stressors and risk factors and also ultimately preventing relapse.

Where Can I Get Help?

We are not affiliated with AA Thailand directly and are in no way associated with them. To preserve the utmost integrity of the AA programme and maintain the fundamental spiritual aim, AA does not support groups or endorse outside organisations and causes. However, as an entirely separate entity, we encourage those who need help to reach out in whatever way they feel comfortable with and many of our clients have found AA meetings in Chiang Mai to be a valuable resource.

If you feel that you drink an excessive amount of alcohol or your drinking patterns are starting to cause problems, do not hesitate to reach out for help. You can start by talking to one of our native Thai and English speaking therapists, or seeking help from a support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous Chiang Mai. Contact us today and get started attaining your long-term recovery and sobriety goals.