Asian Health Services in the US for International Thai Residents

 Health services consist primarily of medical professionals, organisations, and health care workers who provide medical assistance to whoever is in need. Our Asian health services in the US for international Thai residents serve families and individual clients. Our counseling and therapy services are aimed at making this aspect of health care far more accessible, affordable, high-quality and client-centred. This is especially for international Thai residents or Native Thai speakers living in the US.

Our qualified and experienced therapists are both bilingual and bicultural in Thai and English and have experienced helping adults, children, treens and in particular Thai / Western relationships.

Some individuals are unable to get the health services they desire simply because they may not have health insurance or live far away from their home countries. We aim to offer solutions to increase access to Asian health services in the US for international Thai residents. We are currently have Thai therapists working with clients in New York and Los Angeles but do welcome clients from all locations around the US.

Asian Health Services Online for Thai Speakers

 With limited access to native Thai health services in the US, and the restrictions put forward by the global pandemic, telehealth services such as remote counseling and online therapy have gained immense popularity and are seen as a more conducive and modern way to conduct traditional sessions:

Let us take a look at the benefits of both remote counseling and online therapy available with our bilingual Thai therapists

  •   Increased accessibility: The internet helps to increase access to health services globally: this can especially benefit those who may be residing in remote areas or who may not have access to these services where they reside. All you need to access our health care services in your native language is a reliable internet connection and a quiet space where you are most comfortable.
  •   Affordability and flexibility: Our main aim is to make our Asian health services online for international Thai residents convenient, affordable and flexible for all our clients. Accessing these services from the very comfort of your own home allows you the ultimate flexibility and convenience when scheduling your online sessions with us.
  •   Increased access to health services providers: Online therapy also allows you to connect with health services providers around the world, who may be located in different areas but with whom you are able to connect better with and feel more comfortable. At your fingertips, you are able to access dozens of professionals, which may make it easier to find someone you are entirely able to trust.
  •   Clients may find it easier than traditional therapy: Some clients may prefer online sessions as oppose to traditional therapy as it allows clients immense flexibility along with the ability to feel more comfortable being in their own natural environment. It can also help alleviate any stigmas which may be attached to seeking help.


Why Choose Asian Health Services in the US for Thai Native Speakers?

As we have become aware there is never a shortage of resources when it comes to reaching out for help. Even though there are dozens of trained and qualified professionals in the US, it may sometimes be hard for a native Thai foreigner residing in the US to be able to entirely relate to them and understand them.

We understand it is always much easier to talk openly about your issues and worries with someone you can feel fully comfortable with and trust entirely and not feel as though you are struggling to find the right words. Here are a few reasons why clients may seek a native Thai healthcare provider in the US:

  •   They lack a sense of community
  •   Loneliness
  •   Thai-Western couples therapy
  •   Inability to speak to anyone in their mother tongue
  •   Language barriers
  •   Cultural differences
  •   Lack of relationships and friends
  •   They may feel homesick
  •   It may be easier to relate to someone from the same country as yourself.

Asian Health Services in USAWhat Health Services Can We Offer For International Thai Residents In The US?

 Medical and Psychiatric Help: It is important to keep in mind the medical laws and practices of the country you are currently based in. If you feel you or any around you requires the help of a psychiatrist, medical doctor or licensed physician we urge you to contact your local hospital for a referral first. In addition, we do provide referrals for those residing in Thailand. Our bilingual therapists are able to provide individual therapy in Thai or English for any additional support required as it is common to pair medication with a treatment plan.

 Counseling and Psychotherapy: Our qualified and native Thai and Western therapists offer services for a range of problems. Some of the common issues we have immense experience in dealing with include:


Holistic Treatment: Our goal for the holistic approach to treatment is to balance all different aspects of the client so that the entire person is addressed during the treatment and not just one aspect. It is also known that many established forms of psychotherapy can be enhanced when individuals in therapy also incorporate holistic aspects such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, journaling and even spirituality.

Historically, holistic treatment has been proven to be effective in the treatment of different types of anxiety disorders, major depressive disorders, stress-related issues and trauma-related disorders.

Counseling and Psychotherapy in Thai Language

 If you are struggling and considering seeing a therapist or counselor in the US, you may be weighing the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Cost and accessibility can often be a concern for some individuals, while others may simply shy away from reaching out for help, thinking the problem may resolve itself.

We aim for our therapeutic sessions to work as a safe and judgement-free zone, and at far more affordable prices, where you are able to openly navigate through your problems and emotions with a professional to actively support and guide you.

A few other benefits of counseling as a health service include:

  • Learning more about yourself.
  • Therapy can help you build and maintain healthier relationships.
  • Counseling can lead to improvements in performance at work or school.
  • Helps maintain overall health and well-being.
  • Therapy can help you set attainable goals and achieve them.


The main goal is to help our clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, which will lead to an overall sense of improved self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem.

The average cost of therapy in the US ranges between 100 and 150 USD per 45 / 50 minute session, whereas our prices are 2500 THB (Approx. 80 USD) for a 60-minute session and 3500 THB (Approx. 110 USD) for a 90-minute session with no extra charge for couples therapy.

Where to Find Asian Health Services in Thai Language

 There are currently very few resources providing access to Asian Health Services in the US for native Thai people, which is why we have received several enquiries regarding expanding our services online and through personal referrals.

According to relevant sources, there are currently over 300,000 Thai natives’ currently residing in the U.S. New York and Los Angeles are the states with the highest native Thai population. Due to the restrictions put forth by the global pandemic, we are aware it has made it extremely tedious for people to gain direct access to help, especially when they might have difficulties understanding English and so on, or simply miss speaking in their own language. Our experienced and qualified professionals are not only bilingual but also multicultural and are experienced with working with clients globally, working around the clock to provide only the best quality of treatment.

Taking care of your emotional needs strengthens your ability to cope with everyday triggers and stressors and allows you to handle challenges more effectively. This is why our professionals believe it is crucial to pay attention to your well-being and ask for help at an early and manageable stage, and not wait till it is too late.

Benefits of Asian Health Services in the US for Native Thai Speakers

 Several individuals might often wonder as Thai residents living in the US whether they should be seeking help professionally in their mother tongue or just in English.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of health services in your own language:


  •   Speaking in your mother tongue: It is no coincidence that speaking in your mother tongue has the unique ability and power to access your earliest childhood memories. This is due to the fact that these memories are indeed stored in your brain in your mother tongue and sometimes we may need a trigger word in order to access those emotions and feelings.
  •   You can access different parts of yourself: When we speak in our mother tongue, we are able to better connect which allows for a more genuine and more authentic experience.
  •   It can make you feel more understood: Clients have reported feeling more deeply understood when seeking therapy in their own mother tongue. Not having to worry about what they want to say and wondering about the translation saves a lot of time and allows for more focus and emphasis on real issues.
  •   It can help you feel empowered: In everyday life, speaking a language that you are not fluent in or isn’t your own, may feel daunting and you may also feel at a significant disadvantage from native speakers around you. Being able to speak in Thai may help clients feel more empowered in their language and personal culture.


How To Access Native Thai Health Care Providers In the US? 

With most individuals who may be struggling through everyday problems, having someone with who you can communicate openly and honestly without judgement can be hugely beneficial. Simply knowing there is someone there to listen and understand you can help individuals take that first step in beginning to piece things together.

It is important never to avoid any symptoms or think perhaps they will go away on their own. If you feel you or anyone around you can benefit from speaking to our therapists, you can contact us via our website.Additionally, to determine whether our health care providers are the best fit for you and your specific needs, we offer a free of charge consultation call before making any other commitments to us.

 Reach out to us today to get started on your empowering journey toward a healthier life. We also offer various integrated approaches to all types of counseling, alongside comprehensive evaluations and personalized care and therapeutic recommendations for all our client’s specific situations.

By not seeking help at the right time and thinking the problem may fix itself, clients can open themselves to the possibility of letting a serious condition become even worse. This could affect their work, relationships, daily functioning, moods, behaviors and actions.