Life Coach in Chiang Mai

Working with a Life Coach in Chiang Mai

Working with a life coach in Chiang Mai can help develop and enhance skills in order to achieve personal goals, find a more positive work-life balance, or to approach other challenges in life. Life coaching is an additional resource or alternative to traditional counselling in Chiang Mai.

What is Life Coaching?

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone has heard the term life coach however, it is still a new concept for many people. In a professional setting We like to think of life coaching as action based therapy which is why we encourage and train our therapists to incorporate this kind of approach when it is necessary and beneficial for a client’s personal growth and development.

A life coaching approach is a collaborative work between the counsellor or therapist and the client, setting up goals, identifying existing obstacles, and developing strategies to overcome those problems. By helping the client to make the most of their strengths and providing the support that client may need to achieve long-lasting change.

Benefits From Working with a Life Coach in Chiang Mai 

Primarily, people seek life coaching to obtain guidance in navigating their significant life changes. However, many people turn to life coaches simply for help in building a happier, more meaningful, and satisfying life. A life coach is a broad term. There are also business coaches, family life coaches, career coaches, leadership coaches, and health coaches, but life coaching is specifically most beneficial when talking about one’s overall future.

One of the main advantages of seeking life coaching in Chiang Mai is the opportunity to gain fresh insight and an informed perspective on problems that you have. Most people perceive working with a life coach as a means of connecting the gap between your current situations and the life you imagined to have. While many people also use a life coach to help discover and identify their passion and plan their career path. Some other benefits also include:

  • To achieve a better work-life balance
  • Better financial management
  • More satisfying with work and personal life
  • Developing better relationships with peers and family
  • Elimination of doubts, fears, and anxieties
  • Enhanced health and well-being
  • Explore motivation to move forward
  • Finding inner strengths and managing your weaknesses
  • Finding and boosting your confidence
  • Refining your priorities 

As a result, life coaches can ensure that their clients are applying and receiving what is necessary to experience the significant change. In which, the clients are able to take accountability and often reach those goals more quickly and effectively than working on their own.

Life Coach Chiang Mai

What are the Key Differences Between Working with a Therapist and a Life Coach?

People advertising as life coaches are very rarely counsellors or therapists. Although there may be some similarities between the overlapping benefits in working with a life coach and a therapist. These two different professions have distinct roles and responsibilities with specific objectives. A life coach focuses on your present and creating the future that you want, meanwhile, a therapist explores your past, existing patterns, and underlying issues in order to help you manage your presence.

In contrast to life coaches, experienced therapists or counsellors concentrate on finding, healing, and treating concerns relating to emotional well-being, while also helping people to work through trauma and other difficulties from their past that are affecting their present and future self. Whilst working with a life coach may help you deal with certain unresolved conscious issues, life coaches who are not trained therapists cannot resolve and acknowledge the deep-rooted causes of the problems. 

The main distinction is that most counsellors and therapists will have a Master’s degree and qualification in counselling or psychology and will have associations with other licensed mental health professionals. It is conditional that ethical guidelines, regulations regarding the confidentiality and ongoing curriculum are adhered to. Life coaching, on the other hand, is not regulated and there is no necessity to comply with any such professional association or ethics boards. It came to our attention recently that there were some life coaches operating illegally without appropriate visa or work permit in Chiang Mai after purchasing courses on Udemy that comprised watching a 10 hour video for 500 THB (Approx 15 USD)  Taking this into consideration, a life coach with this minimal level of training and experience should never be considered a substitute for a counsellor, therapists or other mental health professionals such as a psychologist or psychiatrist particularly when many life coaches charge similar or even higher prices to counselling professionals. 

As stated previously life coaching in the role of action based therapy can be highly effective. Counselling Thailand offers competitive prices and has both western and bilingual native Thai therapists within our counselling team.

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