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Access Counselling and Therapy Services with Thai Therapists in Bangkok  

Increased accessibility with experienced Thai therapists in Bangkok. Due to the restrictions put forth by the global pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in people wanting direct access to help. Our experienced Thai Therapists offer multilingual therapy in both English and Thai, depending on the client’s preference.

Why Choose Therapy?

The majority of human beings will tend to experience feeling very low, mood swings, stress and other forms of emotional distress at some point or another during the course of our lives. Whether it be a professional setback, financial struggles, relationship problems, the loss of a loved one or some other reason. Often people are able to bounce back, but sometimes they might need a little extra help in order to do so.

Maybe you may be feeling low or empty and are unable to simply “snap out of it”. Or, you could be noticing negative reoccurring patterns in your lifestyle, which you can’t seem to break. Oftentimes, the signs of mental and emotional distress are very easy to spot. But at other times, they may be harder to notice.

Taking care of your emotional needs strengthens your ability to cope with everyday triggers and stressors and allows you to handle challenges more effectively. This is why we believe it is crucial to pay attention to your well-being and ask for help at an early and manageable stage, and not wait till it is too late.







Why Choose a Thai Therapist in Bangkok?


In Bangkok, we aim to provide native Thai therapists in Bangkok at affordable prices and with increased accessibility to those who require it the most.


We offer native Thai speaking therapists, alongside our western and English speaking therapists. We understand the importance of being able to talk through your struggles with someone you can feel 100% comfortable with and trust entirely. Let us take a look at some other reasons why clients may seek a native Thai therapist in Bangkok.


  • Lack of social connections and friends.
  • Cultural barriers.
  • Lack of sense of community.
  • Easier to relate to individuals who come from the same place as you.

Additionally, our therapists offer counselling services in Bangkok both in person and online for a range of problems, some of these include:


Thai Therapists Bangkok

Is Therapy For You?

If you are considering seeing a Thai therapist in Bangkok, you may be weighing your options and contemplating the potential drawbacks of doing so. Accessibility and cost may be a concern for some people, while others may recognize that the counselling process can often be challenging. Triggering events and repressed memories from the past are never easy to discuss or recall, much less discuss with someone.

It is important to keep in mind; therapy is never limited to those who are going through complex trauma or have a diagnosed condition. Working through challenges is never easy and therapy is never a quick fix. Working with our Thai Therapists in Bangkok requires a lot of transparency and honesty. However, if individuals keep this in mind and are willing to put in the extra work for a more fulfilling life, therapy can be extremely rewarding. Our native Thai and western therapists in Bangkok aim for counselling sessions to work as a safe and judgement-free space, where you are able to open up about your feelings and struggles, with a professional who is there to guide and support you.

A few other benefits of seeking a native Thai Therapist include:

  • Individuals are able to learn more about themselves: Our qualified and trained Thai therapists in Bangkok hear your story and help you make clearer connections and interpretations while offering support and guidance whenever required. Our main aim is to empower clients to be able to take control of their own lives and take action on their own.
  • Counselling can help clients achieve their goals: Our Thai therapists in Bangkok help you set realistic and achievable goals and help you toward achieving those goals.
  • Counselling can help you maintain more fulfilling relationships: Whether you are in a relationship or single, our therapists help you actively address difficulties in relating to those around you and dealing with issues such as mistrust and insecurity.
  • Counselling can lead to improvements in all aspects of life: If you feel there is something holding you down from living life as you envision it, our Thai therapists in Bangkok are able to help you address and rectify that, allowing you to live your life to its maximum potential.

Some benefits of seeking Thai Therapists in Bangkok in your own native language include:

  • Speaking your mother tongue: Speaking in your mother tongue has been said to have a unique ability and power to access your early years and childhood.
  • You can access different parts of yourself: When speaking in one’s mother tongue, you are better able to connect with someone entirely, which allows for a more transparent and authentic experience.
  • Makes you feel more understood: Clients have previously reported feeling deeply understood when given the opportunity to speak to a therapist in their own mother tongue. Not having to worry about mistranslating or which word fits where helps to focus on what’s important.
  • It can make you feel empowered: Having to speak a language that isn’t your first language can be daunting and you can often feel at a huge disadvantage from native speakers around you, constantly making you doubt yourself. Being able to speak in your mother tongue may allow you to feel more empowered in your language and culture.

How To Access Native Thai Therapists In Bangkok?

It is extremely important never to look over any signs and symptoms or think perhaps they may subside on their own. If you feel you or anyone around you could benefit from reaching out for help, do not hesitate to contact us via our website. By not seeking help at the right time, individuals may open themselves to the possibility of letting a serious condition become even worse.

Our fees range from 60-minute sessions at 2675 THB to 90-minute sessions at 3745 THB 

Additionally, to figure out whether our qualified Thai therapists in Bangkok are the best fit for you and your specific needs, we offer a free of charge consultation call before making any financial commitment.