Counselling Services in Bangkok

Counselling Services in Bangkok

Counselling Services in Bangkok for adults, children, teens / adolescents, families and couples either in person or online. Our experienced counselling team includes British counsellors and Native Thai therapists along with Mandarin, Malay, Tagalog, Indonesian and Hindi.

Anyone looking for professional help and support in Chiang Mai can visit our find counsellor in Chiang Mai or Counselling Services in Chiang Mai pages for more information.

Seeking Counselling Services for the First Time in Bangkok?

There may come a time when you are thinking of talking to someone. This could be a friend, family member or a professional counsellor in Bangkok. Dealing with issues such as stress, burn out, relationship problems, trauma, anxiety or depression are not uncommon and more and more people are finding relief through counselling. Taking that first step of speaking to a counsellor for the first time can be daunting so before you make any commitment we offer a free 15 minute initial consultation call. This allows you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the type of therapy offered and most importantly to see if our recommended counsellor is the best fit for you.

The initial consultation is not only free but completely private and confidential and before booking you can choose whether you wish the consultation to be with a male or female therapist and in your preferred language.

Types of Counselling Services we Offer

Below are examples of just some of our therapeutic practices, to help you understand what to expect when researching counselling services in Bangkok.


Counselling Services in BangkokCBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

Cognitive-behavioural therapy, or CBT, is one of the best types of counselling available when looking for a CBT therapist in Bangkok. It works well to treat things like anxiety, depression, and to help with substance abuse.

CBT looks at the thoughts that precede our emotions and our actions. Think about it like this, if someone were to walk up to you and just start laughing in your face, what would your reaction be? Would you be scared? Angry? Uncomfortable? In a split second, your mind evaluated the situation and told you what to feel.

These thoughts are like rules you follow and were likely things you learned growing up. This could be something along the lines of the world be dangerous, people are untrustworthy, people like me when I act silly, or things like that. They happened so long ago that they are a habit now, and you are not conscious of them.

Working with a professional therapist in a supportive environment, you will discover those old rules. Then you will start to slow your thinking down and evaluate things critically. You will challenge these old assumptions and create new and healthier thoughts to follow.

Person-Centered Counselling


Person-centred counselling by professional therapists means that we will always start by talking with you and finding out what your needs are, and what it is you want to accomplish in counselling.

What research has shown is that you have to want to change. The easiest way to do that is in a safe, and validating environment. When you go see a counsellor in Bangkok, we will work to understand your situation and your needs as an individual. We are not here to judge, or tell people what they are doing is right or wrong. We want to, instead, help you figure out what is healthy for you, and what makes you calm, peaceful and happy.

All of this is why your goals become our goals as well. We are not going to tell you to stop doing one thing if your individual goals are something completely unrelated. In person-centred approaches, you are the focus, and we listen to you fully, without judgment.

Emotionally Focused Therapy


Emotionally focused therapy is another form of counselling that we use to help people in need. We believe that emotions are very connected to human needs and actions. We try to understand those emotions to help our clients make better choices.


Sometimes when people are going through a problem or rough area, they are so sad, or angry, or anxious that they cannot think straight. The situation, whether it’s a family problem, trouble at work, or any type of trauma, for example, makes the emotions more intense and problematic at that point. Those emotions are tied with the situation and the needs that are not being met.


The counsellor’s job would be to help you understand and talk about those feelings as a way of working them out. Then it would become easier to look at the problem, your needs in this situation, and what you need to do to improve things. By simply working through difficult emotions, many people find suddenly that the situation isn’t as bad as they thought, and that there are some solutions available that can make things better.


Some people can be embarrassed while looking for a professional counsellor, thinking it means they are weak or crazy. That’s not the case. Everyone will feel stress or worry or sadness at some point in their lives. That is one of the few things that all humans will go through. It’s ok to reach out and seek help when having those feelings.

How to get Started

If you feel that you or someone around you may be able to benefit in learning more about counselling services in Bangkok please contact us through the details provided on our website. Additionally, before making any commitment, we offer a free consultation call to answer any questions you may have or to see if you feel we are the right fit for you.