What Foreigners Need to Know Before Getting Married in Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand What Foreigners Need to Know Before Getting Married in Thailand To begin the journey of getting married in Thailand, it’s essential to understand Thai wedding traditions. Whether you’re a foreigner who wants to get married to a Thai sweetheart or you are an LGBTQ+ couple. In terms of legal, cultural, family […]

EMDR in Thailand


EMDR in Thailand EMDR in Thailand Learn more about EMDR in Thailand. A must read guide for anyone looking for therapeutic approaches for help with PTSD ,trauma and emotional distress.  This article will explain more about what is EMDR, how it works, how it differs from other therapies, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of EMDR therapy […]

Psychologist in Thailand

Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist Bangkok

A Guide to Choosing a Psychologist in Thailand – Types, Approaches & Services When searching for a psychologist in Thailand it is essential to have a basic understanding of the different types of psychologists. Some people searching for psychologist may have their needs better served by a psychiatrist whereas others may be better served by […]

Chinese Counselor in Los Angeles


Find an Experienced Chinese Counselor in Los Angeles for under 80 USD per hour   Now with increased accessibility at affordable rates we now offer online services for anyone looking for a Chinese counselor in Los Angeles for help and support in Mandarin language. Living in a foreign country can be daunting for many individuals, […]

Asian Health Services

Asian Health Services

Asian Health Services in the US for International Thai Residents  Health services consist primarily of medical professionals, organisations, and health care workers who provide medical assistance to whoever is in need. Our Asian health services in the US for international Thai residents serve families and individual clients. Our counseling and therapy services are aimed at […]

Rehab Center Thailand

Alcohol Recover Program and Rehab Thailand

Guide to Choosing the Right Rehab Center in Thailand We have created this guide for anyone looking for an addiction rehab center in Thailand. For any individuals considering rehab, Thailand has emerged as a popular destination for addiction treatment. With its serene landscapes, welcoming culture, and world-class facilities, rehab centers in Thailand offer a unique […]

Thai Therapist Los Angeles

Thai Therapist LA

Thai Therapists in Los Angles Thai Therapist Los Angeles Now introducing our counseling services with an experienced Thai therapist in Los Angeles online. As a Thai resident residing in Los Angeles, we understand you can often feel the urge to speak with someone about your daily uncertainties, whether it be in your personal or professional […]

Art Therapy Thailand

art therapy thailand

Art Therapy Thailand- Now Also Available Online  Art Therapy Thailand focuses on utilizing artistic methods to treat psychological struggles and enhance mental well-being. We believe art is used to help people explore their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stressors, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills. It may be surprising for some individuals to learn […]

Alcohol Rehab Thailand

Alcohol Rehab Thailand –Sobriety is a Journey, not a Destination Choosing an alcohol rehab in Thailand entails a significant commitment, one that shouldn’t be rushed. Amidst a plethora of options and diverse treatment modalities available, making the right choice necessitates careful consideration and informed decision-making. This is particularly important when looking for rehab for the […]

AA Meetings Chiang Mai

AA Chiang Mai

AA Meetings Chiang Mai & Alternative Resources AA Meetings in Chiang Mai offer individuals the opportunity to come together and share their unique experiences, recover from alcoholism and maintain their sobriety. Founded in 1935, AA (AKA) Alcoholics Anonymous is the world’s oldest and most widely recognised mutual help organisation. Its millions of members make it the […]