An insightful Guide to Working with a Life Coach in Bangkok 

Nowadays, it seems as if everyone has heard the term life coach however, it is still a new concept for many people. There are plenty of reasons that people seek a life coach in Bangkok. For some people, a life coach is their source of hope, support, and guidance. Whereas, for some others working with a life coach can be a total waste of time and money.

What is a Life Coach? 

A life coach is someone who aims to improve and help their clients to achieve better satisfaction and fulfilment in their lives. Life coaching is a collaborative work between the coach and the client, setting up goals, identifying existing obstacles, and developing strategies to overcome those problems. By helping the client to make the most of their strengths and providing the support that client may need to achieve long-lasting change.

In recent years, a life coach has become well known for helping clients define and attain personal and professional goals, from enhancing personal relationships, achieving fitness goals, getting a dream job, starting a business, becoming an efficient leader, or finding a purpose in life. Where it almost sounds too good to be true. In fact, in most cases, a life coach is a wellness professional with certified qualifications. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is recognised as a certified global organization and provides a credential program for coach practitioners, where it is an accredited program that delivers coach-specific training. Where this qualification can be achieved via institutions such as the certified Life Coach Institute.

What is the Role of a Life Coach?

 It is claimed that life coaching is not about giving advice, instead, a life coach helps the client to follow their internal instinct and take control of their own path. A life coach encourages the client to take accountability for their own journey, unlocking their inner strengths and guiding them in working through different challenges they might face along the way. An experienced life coach aims to help clients find and trust their own voice not adding one.

Life coaches ask questions in order to help you identify goals, uncover your fears and inner resources, work with you to create a plan, and structure a process to assist you in being successful. However, the process will require a lot from you as a client, you will have to actively work with your coach and be an active participant in the process since the life coach will not tell you what or how to do things.


Life Coach in BangkokBenefits From Working with a Life Coach In Bangkok 

Primarily, people work with life coaches to obtain guidance in navigating their significant life changes. However, many people turn to life coaches simply for help in building a happier, more meaningful, and satisfying life. A life coach is a broad term. There are also business coaches, family life coaches, career coaches, leadership coaches, and health coaches, but a life coach is specifically most beneficial when talking about one’s overall future.

One of the main advantages of seeking out a life coach in Bangkok is the opportunity to gain fresh insight and an informed perspective on problems that you have. Most people perceive working with a life coach as a means of connecting the gap between your current situations and the life you imagined to have. While many people also use a life coach to help discover and identify their passion and plan their career path. Some other benefits also include:

  • To achieve a better work-life balance
  • Better financial management
  • More satisfying with work and personal life
  • Developing better relationships with peers and family
  • Elimination of doubts, fears, and anxieties
  • Enhanced health and well-being
  • Explore motivation to move forward
  • Finding inner strengths and managing your weaknesses
  • Finding and boosting your confidence
  • Refining your priorities 

As a result, life coaches can ensure that their clients are applying and receiving what is necessary to experience the significant change. In which, the clients are able to take accountability and often reach those goals more quickly and effectively than working on their own.

What are the Key Differences Between Working With a Therapist and a Life Coach?

A life coach is not a therapist. Although there may be some similarities and overlapping benefits in working with a life coach and a therapist, however. These two different professions have distinct roles and responsibilities with specific objectives. A life coach focuses on your present and creating the future that you want, meanwhile, a therapist explores your past, existing patterns, and underlying issues in order to help you manage your presence.

In contrast to life coaches, therapists or mental health professionals concentrate on finding, healing, and treating concerns relating to emotional well-being, while also helping people to work through trauma and other difficulties from their past that are affecting their present and future self. Whilst working with a life coach may help you deal with certain unresolved conscious issues, life coaches cannot resolve and acknowledge the deep-rooted causes of the problems. What you benefit from the therapy sessions with a counselling professional are designed to encourage healing and understanding from whichever challenges you might face. Meanwhile,  life coaching focuses on helping you ‘unstuck’, and sets you with the positive mindset that will help you achieve and find those passions you need to achieve your goals. The therapist allows their client to take their own time to decide on which direction they would like to take, where it is more of an insight-oriented and specific approach. Where the client will be able to learn more about themselves, become more aware of their problems, and take responsibility for their own life.

Moreover, the main distinction is that counsellors and therapists will have a Master’s degree and qualification in counselling or psychology and will have associations with other licensed mental health professionals. It is conditional that ethical guidelines, regulations regarding the confidentiality and ongoing curriculum are adhered to. Life coaching, on the other hand, is not regulated and there is no necessity to comply with any such professional association or ethics boards. It came to our attention recently that there were some life coaches operating in Thailand after purchasing courses on Udemy that comprised watching a 10 hour video for 500 THB (Approx 15 USD)  Taking this into consideration, a life coach should never be considered a substitute for a counsellor, therapists or other mental health professionals such as a psychologist or psychiatrist particularly when many life coaches charge similar or even higher prices to counselling professionals. 

Counselling Thailand offers competitive prices and has both western and bilingual native Thai therapists within our counselling team.

Why Working with a Therapist are a Better decision?

When you think about coaching vs professional counselling services, it’s important to recognize their goals, objectives and approaches. Experienced therapists help clients explore and understand their true inner self-awareness and the subconscious mind. It aims to reach a deep understanding of feelings, cognitive behavioural processes, actions, and patterns with a goal of overall emotional well-being. This is why counselling and therapy can be helpful for any issues from distress, burnout, and family to depression and anxiety

The goal of life coaching is to help you move forward, it is about the future.  Life coaching is about action and results. Your success is being measured with principal performance indicators and specific behavioural outcomes. All for achieving your dreams. Life coaching is not a bad option if you are looking for the motivation to move forward. However, what if the struggles that you are facing are due to something that is deeply rooted and it is more than what is showing on the surface level.  Even though you might be able to ‘unstuck’ now, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel stuck again in the future and the core problems still exist.

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